Barr will Defend Trump from Atlantic’s E. Jean Carroll Because of “Bizzare Political Climate in Which we Live”

Posted by on September 9, 2020 9:03 pm

William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States announced that he would be defending President Donald J. Trump in a defamation case and the left is absolutely miserable about that, having placed high hopes that the case would destroy Trump right before the election on the claims of a woman, E. Jean Carroll, a columnist for The Atlantic, who alleges she was raped by Trump in 1995, and that when Trump denied it that he defamed Carroll.

Bloomberg News reported,”The move could further delay a suit in which Carroll is demanding potentially damaging evidence from Trump during the final weeks before the presidential election, including a deposition and a DNA sample to compare to a dress she claims she was wearing at the time of the alleged attack. It could also leave taxpayers on the hook for any damages awarded in the case.”

Carroll claims to have saved a dress from 1995 that would prove she was attacked. That is very odd.

Barr told reporters that the DOJ’s decision to take over Trump’s defense of Carroll’s defamation suit was a normal application of the Westfall Act. “It is done frequently. And the little tempest that’s going on is largely because of the bizarre political environment in which we live.”

In a move reminiscent of the failed fake”Me Too” movement, Carroll, acting as a political opponent of Republicans posted on Twitter an attempt to frame herself as a great defender of women, and said “TO DONALD J. TRUMP Sir, I and my attorney Robbie Kaplan, are ready! So is every woman who has ever been silenced! So is every American citizen who has been trampled by Bill Barr and the DOJ! BRING IT!”

In a court filing Tuesday, the Justice Department said Trump was acting “within the scope” of his job as president when he said Carroll lied about the incident, prompting her defamation lawsuit. The U.S. also moved the case to Manhattan federal court from a New York state court, infuriating the left who had very high hopes for this case.

Carroll’s, a far left political activist, posted her reaction on Twitter:

“TRUMP HURLS BILL BARR AT ME. Just when @realDonaldTrump is required to produce documents and DNA in discovery, he sics the DOJ on us. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED!! My attorney, @kaplanrobbie, and I are happy to TAKE THEM ALL ON!


Carroll posted on Twitter that Trump had suffered from “Trump Strokes” using hashtag activism that was started as an attempt to discredit Trump right before the 2020 election, which is deceitful because Trump did not have any strokes.

Attacking and harassing Trump, Carroll uses Twitter as a battering ram, and does not at all appear to be a victim of Trump’s.

That is the bizarre environment that Includes constant fake news, attacks, harassment, fake charges, and outright lunacy by the left who are instigating riots, arson, and attacks on Trump supporters as has been unfolding since May with the death of George Floyd and the rise of the Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

A typical post from Trump’s political opponents is something like the following:

Carroll is an author at The Atlantic, the disgraced magazine who led a political hit job on Trump in early September over a fake News story about Trump disrespecting Veterans. The story has been discredited and the disgraced magazine has been exposed for massive conflicts of interest.

Carroll being a member of The Atlantic is another legitimate conflict of interest, which Barr must have picked up on.

Carroll’s writings about the event she claims are true, read very much like critical race theory, intersectional feminism and feminist porn-50 shades of Grey all mixed together, where Billionaires must have young beautiful women… except the left doesn’t understand that Trump is one of the most investigated men on Earth, and they still can not catch him in a crime.

At some point they are going to have to accept that Trump just might be the sqeekiest clean guy in America. That doesn’t help their case at all- it helps his.

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