Kim Jong Un is Well, Trump Tweets

Posted by on September 10, 2020 6:03 pm

After speculation about the health and death of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, for months, President Donald J. Trump tweeted a short update that dispels the current gossip about the death of the leader.

“Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace,” President Trump said about the historical 2018 summit with Kim Jong Un.

Thursday the mysterious relationship and peace agreement between the United States and North Korea, between Trump and Jong Un has taken another twist.

“Ever since the two leaders met today in Singapore after arriving late on Sunday, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have given statements that raise hopes for achieving peace on the Korean peninsula. The remarks also show a growing rapport between the two leaders, who were bitter foes not very long ago,” Times Now New reported at the time, leading Trump’s political opponents to develop a bitter hatred for Jong Un.

And then the announcements of Kim Jong Un’s death started and never stopped.

The left was excited recently, at the idea of what they could frame as a failure of Trump’s right before the election, that being what was a successful end of Nuclear threats from North Korea after Trump had made great strides for peace in that region. The untimely death of Jong Un would finalize the friendship between the two countries, the left was sure of that.

Kim Jong Un was reported as dead by some in the American Media on August 23.

The left had snickered in August when the death of Jung Un was announced, however, on Thursday morning they are furious again that Trump has posted Kim Jong Un is “in good health.”

There never was any confirmation that Jong Un had died, but the leftist media ran with the story to spread the misinformation in an attempt to discredit Trump and his administration.

Jong Un had given a speech on August 20 and was pronounced in a coma and then on August 23.

Supporters of Trump’s had some fun with the announcement:

The news of Jong Un’s health happens at the same time the New York Post carried a story about the mention of Kim Jong Un in the Woodward Book Tapes, on Wednesday, about Jong Un’s disapproval of former President Barack Obama:

According to the New York Post article,”North Korean despot Kim Jong Un considered former President Barack Obama “an a- -hole,” President Trump told Washington Post editor Bob Woodward in touting his own relationship with Kim.

Trump made the claim during a series of interviews for Woodward’s upcoming book, excerpts of which were published Wednesday by the broadsheet.

By contrast, Kim spoke glowingly of Trump in letters between the two leaders, which Trump has described as “love letters, really,” independently obtained by Woodward.”

Trump didn’t post anything else about Jong Un, but he sure did get people talking. We will update this article if there is any more news on the live and times of Kim Jong Un.

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