Posted: September 14, 2020
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Barr and Durham Report Imminent as “End of Summer” Looms? Trump Foreshadows With Tweets Stating Mueller Investigation was a “Scam”

Attorney General Bill Barr made a number of statements last week about his intention to defend the president in a case in which an author from the Atlantic Magazine is suing President Donald Trump in a defamation case.   Barr said, “Because of the bizarre political climate we are in,” he will be representing Trump.  People are now wondering if Barr’s defensive tactics to protect the office might be in some way tied to the much anticipated John Durham report.

Consider the left and their insistence that Trump colluded with foreign powers “the Russians” in 2016, especially in face of escalating domestic violence by Democrats and what appears to be, threats of more if Joe Biden doesn’t win.

MSN reported Friday, ‘Government officials‘ told Times that “expectations had been growing in the White House and Congress that Mr. Barr would make public, ahead of the election, some kind of interim report or list of findings from Mr. Durham before he completed the investigation” (emphasis ours). A person familiar with the matter added that Barr had wanted Durham to wrap up his probe quickly.”

The left is hysterically making media rounds saying that Attorney General William Barr’s plan to release some sort of interim report from US Attorney John Durham, violates protocols that they hope carry enough legal weight to stop Barr.   The result would be preventing the informing of Americans concerning the findings or thoughts in the highly investigation into the suspicious behavior of the Never Trumper/Democrat/ Career politician administrative state in Washington DC, and their actions against President Donald J. Trump, leading up to, during and following the 2016 election.

The DS who apparently assisted former associates of Barack Obama in spying on Trump before and after he won the 2016 election, may have been entangled in a series of corrupt intelligence operations to deny Trump the presidency, to impeach him after he won, and to discredit him for 2020 election.

“It’s very odd that national outlets have permitted Strzok to continue the fantasy of how the fraudulent FARA case known as Crossfire hurricane launched in July when BOTH Durham and Barr have publicly refuted it months ago. Getting it right will be the biggest story this century,” said George Papadopoulos.

Based on comments by Barr, and other people who are in a position to know, the Durham report into Crossfire Hurricane is coming to end quickly. Barr seems to be saying that the American people need to know some of the results before the election. Opponents of Trump say it is not fair to let Americans know about Durham’s findings before the election.

Trump tweeted Sunday, that the investigation into whether he colluded with Russians in 2016 to win, was a “Scam”, yet Democrats and their media allies have never stopped accusing Trump and his administration.  They are even threatening further lawsuits and investigations, as recently as last week, over the lies that came out of the Robert Mueller ‘report’ on the matter.

So the question becomes, does the president deserve a defense other a simple tweet?

Barr is suggesting that he will defend the president, which is his job to do.

According to NBC News transcript, asked by Pete Williams in a recent interview, Williams asked Barr, if “it’s unlikely there’ll be further criminal charges?” Attorney General Barr said, “No, I wouldn’t say that at all, no.”

Williams asked Barr, “Is John Durham nearing the end of his investigation?”

Barr said, “I’m not gonna characterize exactly where he is. I’ll just leave it at that.

Williams said, “Okay, would you say– it’s unlikely that there’ll be further criminal charges?

Barr said, “No, I wouldn’t say that at all, no.”


MSN reported on the leftist talking points, “As a federal prosecutor for almost 20 years, I never issued or observed a public report about an investigation,” wrote NBC News legal analyst and former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade.” We either filed an indictment or we closed the investigation. A public report by Durham would violate the very thing for which [former FBI director James Comey] was purportedly fired.”

The left is very worried about the Durham report being made public, especially before the election. .

The Democrats are pulling out every trick in the book to get away with accusing the President of the United States of anything they want, with impunity, and no one being able to investigate their claims before their next election to regain the Presidency, and with it, the ability to delete all the evidence from the investigation.  ‘Delete the evidence?!’  ‘How dare you suggest such a thing,’ I hear my friends on the left saying.  Yes, delete the evidence, just like Mueller team was just found to have done with their government issued phones.

Apparently the Attorney General feels differently.

MSN reported on the Democrats defense of denying Americans information,”Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in 2017 penned a memo explaining that Comey was fired for his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and private server. Specifically, Rosenstein harangued Comey for publicly announcing his own conclusions about the investigation and releasing “derogatory information” about the subject of an investigation — meaning Clinton — that had not been brought for prosecution.”

The left believes that they are going to stop Barr from releasing details by claiming:

“The Department of Justice manual for federal prosecutors generally forbids releasing information during the middle of an investigation.  Examples of the various warnings and prohibitions include the following:

1-7.100 – General Need for Confidentiality

Much of DOJ’s work involves non-public, sensitive matters. Disseminating non-public, sensitive information about DOJ matters could violate federal laws, employee non-disclosure agreements, and individual privacy rights; put a witness or law enforcement officer in danger; jeopardize an investigation or case; prejudice the rights of a defendant; or unfairly damage the reputation of a person.

DOJ personnel should presume that non-public, sensitive information obtained in connection with work is protected from disclosure, except as needed to fulfill official duties of DOJ personnel, and as allowed by court order, statutory or regulatory prescription, or case law and rules governing criminal and civil discovery. Other than as necessary to fulfill DOJ official duties, disclosure of such information to anyone, including to family members, friends, or even colleagues, is prohibited and could lead to disciplinary action. Unauthorized disclosures of sensitive personal or proprietary information could lead to criminal prosecution or administrative action.”


However, a Recap of what Barr recently said to Williams about the Durham probe leads many to believe some sort of report or statement is imminent: -“There are two different things going on Barr said, ”I said the American people need to know what actually happened, we need to get the story of what happened in 2016 and ’17 out. That will be done”

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