Latest Atlantic Hit Job, now an Islamic Supremacist Shakes Twitter with Violent Threats if Biden Doesn’t win

Posted by on September 14, 2020 6:03 pm

Jeffrey Goldberg is at again, now shaking down Twitter with a piece written by Shadi Hamid, an Islamic supremacist, and author of a book to justify Islamic domination who is currently laying out veiled threats over the potential loss of Democrat hopeful Joe Biden in his attempt to grab the Presidency from President Donald J. Trump.

While many Democrats are threatening violence or agitating and predicting violence will occur if Biden loses to Trump, Goldberg, editor of the Atlantic Magazine has been busy pushing out slanderous lies to help fuel the flames and hatred of the left, and now presents an article that contains perfect gaslighting over the idea that Biden needs to win for there to be Trump-style “law and Order”.

Hamid, a Bookings Institute Senior Fellow, had posted that Biden should win because it is the left that will overwhelmingly not hold their composure should Biden lose, so in fact for there to be law and order, Trump needs to lose.

He deleted the tweet, but here is where I responded to him:

Posters were not happy about his comment, which he deleted, and Hamid reported, “I step away from Twitter for two hours, and I find the reaction to my The Atlantic piece has shifted. Now, it’s the right attacking me in thousands of tweets for supporting leftist violence—which, for anyone who knows me, is a rather odd claim.”

People weren’t happy about his work, he deleted his inflammatory tweet and his editor runs to his defense to suggest that it is the reader’s fault for being inflamed. Interesting, because none of them accept that supporters of Democrats are responsible for their feelings if Biden loses.

In his article, ” The Democrats May Not Be Able to Concede If Trump wins, especially after losing the popular vote, the left may draw the wrong conclusions,” Shadi Hamid writes from the point of view of an acknowledged Islamic Supremacist.

Goldberg, who has an obvious agenda against Trump, based upon the types of political pieces he publishes, would like readers to believe this Hamid article is all an intellectual pursuit and that Americans defending our Republic, are somehow overreacting. This is classic gaslighting and the tactics taught to control people that Community Organizers like Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have used over the past 5 decades that Americans are now just really understanding.

In fact, Trump has caused hundreds of millions of Americans to be “Red Pilled”, meaning awoken from the depths of the submission they have lowered themselves into over the demands of progressive leftist politics.

Hamid’s book should be enough proof to question his impartiality for predicting the actions of Americans or to add a touch of concern about talking about political violence and domination, but Goldberg, who has been harassing Trump and Trump supporters with the vilest lies, is thrilled to present the inflammatory rhetoric days out from a Presidential election:

Another media elitist comes to the rescue to disparage Americans for their reaction to be gaslighted over their choice for President:

Hamid wrote in his article, “This is the era of expecting the worst while hoping for the merely tolerable. Some might say that the worst is already happening—economic disaster and 190,000 dead from a pandemic—while the president and his surrogates insist, in a feat of self-delusion, that the “best is yet to come.” As someone who has argued against catastrophism—I don’t believe Donald Trump is a fascist or a dictator in the making, and I don’t believe America is a failed state—I find myself truly worried about only one scenario: that Trump will win reelection and Democrats and others on the left will be unwilling, even unable, to accept the result.”

Does that passive-aggressive reasoning sound like he is normalizing violence? is it the Islamic struggle for dominance that is shaping the world, to blame for Democrats not being able to stop themselves from assaulting Americans over their feelings of loss? I wonder if Hamid is familiar with a concept called “Peaceful Transfer of Power”?

Hamid goes on to say, “Liberals had enough trouble accepting the results of the 2016 election. In some sense, they never really came to terms with it. The past four years have witnessed the continuous urge to explain away the inexplicable, to find solace in the fact that the voters betrayed them. How could so many of their fellow Americans side with a racist and a fabulist, someone so callous and seemingly without empathy? “

Perhaps he doesn’t understand the American Republic? Perhaps in the Islamic world, these wild emotions and physical violence over the loss of dominance is acceptable, but it is isn’t here in America. It is not the responsibility of voters to be concerned with the feeling of their opponents, because if that was the case, the former President Barack Obama would not have been elected ….twice.

The Tea Party was not happy at all with Obama, and they managed to never light anything on fire or cause any violence, kill any police, murder any children, destroy anyone’s business or steal anyone’s belongings, in fact they even picked up their own garbage after their rallies.

The burden for self restraint is upon the Democrats to accept that their political idols have lost and will lose again, and by all indicators are going to lose in November in a massive landslide, and no one has to be worried about the left’s feelings about it. That is how our American system works, as we learned while sitting through 8 years of Obama’s disdain and outright hatred for American and Americans.

The idea that “we are all in it together” is like being married to a heroin addict. Sure, we are all working toward the junkie getting a fix, but when the bills need to get paid we are standing alone, faced with starving children, and we have no gas in our broken down car, we are alone.

Perhaps the wisdom of violent crowds works in Islamic democracies, but in Republics, we listen to the crowds who go vote.

Not all people are going to stick around for enabling the poor choices of the left, and the left is going to have to pick up their own pieces of their shattered political dreams of dominance, after hitting rock bottom.

And The Atlantic is going to accept that they are writing articles for the “Loud Minority” but Republics are not about empowering them. Deal with it Goldberg, Islamic Democracies are not going to happen here in America.

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