Disaster: Biden’s Hispanic Event, Talks About his “New Team”, Plays Despacito, Chat Disabled Because of Pro-Trump Comments

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Joe Biden attended a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Kissimmee, Florida that was a disaster, and after running late and suffering thru bored speakers, fluctuating between 400-2,000 viewers, who were mostly supporters of President Donald J. Trump, people watched Biden bluster through about 17 mins of comments before the Youtube feed crashed and chat comments were disabled.

Hardly any comments were on social media about the event, and the news channels did not cover the event live. The event was about an hour and a half late getting started according to some reports


NPR reported, “In America’s leading presidential battleground, there’s mounting anxiety among Democrats that the Biden campaign’s standing among Latinos is slipping, potentially giving President Donald Trump an opening in his reelection bid. That’s fueling an urgent effort by Biden, Harris and their allies to shore up older voters, suburbanites and African Americans to make up for potential shortcomings elsewhere.”

Many people posted that the start time was 6:30 and at almost 8:00 PM to about 1,500 viewers, many of them Trump supporters.

Entertainer Ricky Martin spoke from a prepared statement that seemed foreign to him, as if he had just seen the comments for the first time, and “begged” people to vote for Biden. Martin focused on Puerto Rico, saying they could save America in the election by voting against President Donald J. Trump.

“I like to have fun. But this is really serious,” says Ricky Martin at Joe Biden‘s Hispanic Heritage Month event in Kissimmee, Florida. “These are the most important elections we’ve seen in the history of this country and Puerto Ricans have the power to decide it.”

Entertainer Ava Longora seemed less than happy to be there and said that Trump treats Latinos as “less than human”, and called her a rapist, and they are biggest ethnic group. Biden offers a strong platform on the economy, education and hard work. “No one has more respect for the working class, and the Latinos more than Joe Biden”, she said. “We are battling for the soul of the Nation,” she said. “I want the Latino community to vote Trump out of office,” she said.

Both Longora and Martin seemed very uncomfortable to be there.

Biden was introduced and there was a long pause, he shuffled in looking as if he had just woken up from a nap. He walked in, played some Latino music and delivered some comments. The comments in the live chat section were overwhelmingly pro-Trump on Biden’s official youtube site.

Playing the song seemed like the height of Pandering, and a few people posted about it on Twitter.

Biden emphasized his “new team”. There were very few viewers and very few comments on social media about the event and there seemed to be no moderation on the feed. Biden repeated a few times about his new team, who it felt like he had just met Tuesday night, who were nowhere to be seen.

Even with “high profile” social media influences pushing the event out, there were 400 people watching at the end of the event:


The Biden/Harris ticket is simply not popular in the area, so it is no surprise they did not have local support. On Monday, the Florida public reacted to Kamala Harris, who is so unpopular with Hispanics that she was booed at a Latin restaurant in the Miami area. The restaurant owner was very concerned after reading comments online about the event, that people know he did not support Harris and Biden, he went to the news to cover his story. There was no comment about the story from the Biden/Harris camp.

Watch the full report here:

Earlier in the night on a panel setting up the coverage of the event, which Fox News then did not show, Raymond Ayro, himself Hispanic, said, “Biden is in trouble with Hispanic voters, I had a number of them tell me at the last event I went to that they were supporting Trump because they have had it with socialism, and Communism.”

Biden’s comments before the event were rambling, and he was seen waving to an empty field and shuffling and walking off of his plane very stilted, as if he was injured, concerning people on Social Media.

At an event with Veterans earlier in the day he talked about the “Harris/Biden administration”, confusing people.

Biden did not inspire any support for his event with these comments:

The event was a complete disaster. After about 15 mins the stream came back up, and the chat was disabled, it went on for a few more minutes and then ended completely without any warning.

Conservative Treehouse reported that people had canceled their live broadcasts of the Biden Youtube feed.

It is unclear what happened. This story is developing.

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