NC Panthers Tried to Gag Spanish Speaking Broadcaster over Trump Support on Social Media, so he Quit

Posted by on September 16, 2020 3:03 pm

During Hispanic Heritage Month a story has emerged that will show of out of touch the Community Organizers, who are leading the Sports Industry, really are and the leaders in North Carolina have attempted to gag a very popular Spanish speaking broadcaster of their’s over his personal support of President Donald J. Trump.

He was asked not to tweet, on his personal Twitter account about his support for Trump, so he quit.

“I’m hurt,” Luis Moreno Jr. said, “because this has nothing to do with my performance on-air. This has nothing to do with how good I am at what I do.” Luis Moreno quit his job over the pressure the North Carolina Panthers put on him.

Moreno was a color analyst for the Panthers’ Spanish broadcast team for the past 10 seasons. Along with his uncle, play by play man Jamie Moreno, the pair gained national attention in 2015 when they sang and danced in the press box, bringing a soccer-like feel to the broadcasts during the Panthers’ Super Bowl run.


That was when diversity and ethnicity was wanted, but it isn’t when he supports the President of the United States or talks about loving America. Because to the left, minorities are not allowed to love America, it does not fit the victim narrative they need.

According to the Charlotte Observer, it might be ok that Moreno was being censored because Moreno may have tweeted about “Qanon” at some point. Moreno was asked to remove tweets about Qanon, which he did, but said that didn’t go far enough for the Panthers.

“Half of the Carolina Panthers’ Spanish Language radio broadcasting duo was missing when Carolina kicked off the 2020 season against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. And now fans know the reason why. Luis Moreno Jr. strongly supports President Donald Trump and the conspiracy theory group Qanon,” The Charlotte Observer wrote.

“I don’t think that me showing support for the president of a country that I love — and that I just became a citizen of — should have a backlash to the point where now I am no longer a part of a great organization that I was with for 10 years, simply because my freedom of speech was too much for them,” Moreno said.

Due to the surge in popularity, the Los Panthers radio network has expanded to 20 stations in both North and South Carolina and six across the border in Mexico to help reach at least some of that country’s estimated 28.3 million NFL fans.

Moreno Jr. began to slip from the Panthers’ good graces during the COVID-19 pandemic when he says he began to focus on politics and read information online.

“(I) found out that there are a lot of things that are happening that I wasn’t aware of that make me support him (Trump),” Moreno Jr. said.

That’s when Moreno Jr. began tweeting support for President Trump and the controversial Alt-Right group Qanon from his personal account. He was contacted by the Panthers and asked to remove all mention of the organization, which he did. But according to Moreno Jr., that wasn’t enough for the Panthers.

“If what they want me to do is stop supporting the president, I’m not gonna do that,” he said.

Reaction was not favorable:

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