Trying to Woo Florida Hispanic Voters Biden Plays ‘Despacito’ lyrics on Stage, ‘I want to breathe your neck slowly’ [VIDEO]

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Former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden raised some eyebrows when he debuted his speech to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month by playing a popular Spanish-language song, “Despacito,” on his cellphone on Tuesday, after his campaign admitted that he has some “work to do” with Latino voters.  I don’t think they know what “work to do” means.

The music has in the lyrics, “Slowly” and “I want to breathe your neck slowly,” leaving social media users to making fun of its usage.

Senior Biden for President campaign adviser Symone Sanders informed ABC NewsGeorge Stephanopoulos on his show “This Week”:

We know we have work to do and we have said from the beginning and Vice President Biden has been very clear about this — as has Sen. (Kamala) Harris — and we’re really working to earn every single vote in this country and we want to earn the votes of the Latino and Hispanic community and so we’re doing the work.

The outlet pointed out a separate story over the weekend that Biden is “struggling to gain support of Latinos in the key battleground state of Florida.”  Gee, I wonder why?  Could it be that after he agreed to Bernie Sanders’ and AOC’s brand of socialism, the Hispanics from Cuba, Venezuela, and other socialist nightmares don’t want anything to do with him?  Is his campaign so out of touch that they really believe the American people would overwhelmingly support socialism in the United States?

So, on Tuesday, prior to a speech geared toward Hispanic voters in Kissimmee, Florida, Biden pulled out his cellphone to play “Despacito,” a 2017 hit song by artist Luis Fonsi, who spoke ahead of him at a campaign stop to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month.

“I just have one thing to say. Hang on, here,” Biden said after he made is way to the lectern. Then, he began to play “Despacito” while bobbing his head to the beat.

So help me, God, it’s like watching a picture of an idiot in action.

Laughing, he added, “I tell ya what, if I had the talent of any one of these people I’d be elected president by acclimation.”

The Washington Examiner took to social media to share the moment with the world.


What a train wreck!  Seriously, who doe she have working for the campaign?  Are they all so out of touch with the world that they would play such a thing to an audience during a speech that was prepared for gaining Hispanic votes?  What on Lucifer’s black beach were they thinking?  It’s almost as if the Biden campaign is following a formula of events they believe he has to do to win over voters, and how he executes each step doesn’t matter, so long as they can check it off the list as being done.

Biden was mocked by Twitter users over this sad display.

“Who in the Biden campaign thought this was a good idea?” one tweeted.

Another tweeted, “Geesh I’m a Biden supporter and this made me cringe. Who the F thought this was a good idea, whoever it was sure hope they’ve been fired.”

One other user tried to blame his staff as if they were setting the Democratic nominee up.

Yet, they are in his corner.  They’re just incompetent boobs, almost as incompetent as the nominee.

Another user pointed out the English translation in response, which LyricsFreak says translates this way:

And yet another Biden defender tried to blame the critics for the nominee’s disastrous display:

Here’s my response:

There are so many real photos of Biden doing this that it’s unfathomable his campaign staff would allow this pandering stunt to happen.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden and a niece of Senate Mitch McConnell swearing-in ceremony in Washington

Actually, I think the song was highly appropriate for this coming out to Hispanic people, because Despacito means slow! I think Biden just gave  Donald Trump a new nickname for himself. #SlowJoe 

This campaign is a real circus.

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