VIDEO: BLM Assaults gay Men in DC ‘gay’ Neighborhood, While they yell “we Support you, Stop”

Posted by on September 20, 2020 6:04 am

A female BLM protestor was videotaped harassing diners at an outdoor cafe when she aggressively fought with the man who called her “nothing but an agitator” What is BLM really about?

In this series of videos Antifa and BLM protesters are seen in neighborhoods in DC, harassing and attacking people thy say they way to protect, women and Gay men. Here they are harassing peope who are even yelling to them that they support Black Lives Matter, but the group is militant and violent.

Numerous times in the videos the BLM members hit people, are aggressive with umbrellas in people’s faces and become violent with demands that people wear masks. In one video they are even aggressive to a gay man with a Puppy.

Reporters notice that the group is especially agitated when they see White People videotaping, but not when others were videotaping, leading some speculation that the attack was on White People, whether gay or not. Whether a supporter or not.

In this video a gay man is seen and heard telling a Black woman she is “nothing but an agitator” after being yelled at aggressively by the BLM member.

“I am embarassed of you, I have my flag here,”

The BLM says,”So what? Get out of here, keep moving, get the F*CK off. Do you feel threatened? ,” she said, while being agressive toward him with an umbrella.

“Move along,” he says. “You are just an agitator,” he said.


Eyewitnesses said that the Black Lives Members were harassing people for being gay. “No one is safe,” one eyewitness wrote.

The BLM members are screaming with a bullhorn, “it’s a revolution,” while they chase people from the location and tell people to “Get the F out of here”.

Another assault on a gay man with a puppy, in the same gathering. The man is yelling “We support you, we are with you. Stop putting that umbrella in our face We are with you, we support you,” a man is yelling.

At another location in the same neighborhood, Antifa and BLM hit a gay man, with a bull horn and tell him he is a racist and a sexist.

A female Independent Journalist, who was in the location earlier in the evening, who goes by @BandPolitica reported, “Me and @venturareport were at a BLM march in Washington D.C we were approached within minutes of the march starting. They proceeded to ask us why we were recording & who we were with. After finding out that we were journalists they started shoving and trying to grab us and proceeded to assault us with umbrellas. They told us we aren’t allowed to film and I told them numerous times we’re in public. They screamed that we “need to get the f*ck out of here” and told @venturareport to take his bitch with him after repeatedly calling me a c*nt ,” she wrote.


I was separated from @venturareport and they blocked me with their umbrellas and continued to try grabbing me as I tried to get back to my partner. We continued to try to do our job as they yelled to get the f*ck out of here. We stayed back a bit and eventually started to record again after a protestor overheard a private convo between me and @venturareport he yelled to the crowd that we weren’t leaving because we were “standing our ground” they assaulted my partner and me once again, surrounding us, shoving us, and demanding me to put on a mask, I told them they weren’t going to like my mask & they realized I had a “Trump 2020” one. They continued to hassle me especially after finding out it was a Trump 2020 mask and I told them simply “I like to breathe fresh air” and wouldn’t put on my mask,”she said.

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