Posted by on September 21, 2020 11:40 am

By Pete Santilli (Via Spreely)

This morning I was combing through Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Awards monologue and I became physically ill at what I was watching & hearing.

Just listen to Kimmel in this segment & comment on my profile page if you feel the same sense of hurling as the segment progresses.

These leftists are all about selling doom & gloom.

It’s Hegelian Dialectic through & through.

They created a global pandemic…. so that they can save us from the global pandemic.

On this morning show, I’m going to discuss the important topic of “mass mind control” and psychological warfare.  There can be no doubt that we’re being subjected to a massive, military-styled psychological warfare operation.

But who is behind this?

Why are they doing it?

For people like myself who don’t watch TV or get news on MSNBC or CNN, it’s very obvious to me what they are doing when I pop into a TV segment of accidentally tune into MSNBC.

When I walk down the street, I see people with their mask on — nobody within 100 yards — or driving down the street with their mask on, all by themselves in their cars, and I immediately know that they are CNN/MSNBC or network cable watchers.

They’ve been conditioned to live in fear.

They are petrified to get COVID, and all they need to do is vote for Joe Biden to fix things.

Emmys: Covid-19 ‘Test;’ Jimmy Kimmel Mocks MAGA Rallies, Cracks Jokes About Russian Interference

The 72nd Emmy Awards embraced a new, virtual format on Sunday as the entertainment industry continues to deal with fallout from the coronavirus. But some things in Hollywood never change.

Host Jimmy Kimmel and this year’s presenters took a series of veiled swipes at President Trump and his supporters, cracking jokes about MAGA rallies and Russian interference in the election. The telecast also featured recurring virus-themed jokes about social distancing, nasal swabs, and hazmat suits.

Kimmel delivered his opening monologue to fake live audience consisting of reaction shots from past Emmy ceremonies, before he  eventually revealed that he was speaking to an empty arena at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. When explaining the absence of a live audience, the comedian joked, “This isn’t a MAGA rally. This is the Emmys.”

Later, Kimmel directly insulted President Trump. “Has he tweeted us yet? It’s Sunday so he’s probably at church.”

Kimmel also participated in a comic sequence lampooning Russian interference, with Barry actor Anthony Carrigan playing a Russian U.S. Postal worker from St. Petersburg… Florida. “It’s okay to mail in” your ballot, the comedian jokingly reassured viewers.

He made a third Trump joke when presenting the award for reality competition series. “Past losers of this category have gone on to be president of the United States,” Kimmel said.

The virtual ceremony also featured a series of running gags about social distancing — including a protracted bit in which Kimmel kept 60 feet away from Jennifer Aniston. In another sequence, presenter Jason Sudeikis received a nasal swab on live TV.