Judge Calls RBG an “Activist Judge” who decided things “based on her own moral core”

Posted by on September 21, 2020 6:04 pm

Judge Jeanine Pirro told Fox and Friends, Monday, and said that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an “Activist” judge who used her position, especially with Former President Barck H. Obama, to put pressure on lawmakers to institute her personal morals and that no matter how much you could admire her tenacity, it is important to understand her real contributions to the mess we are in currently.

Pirro called out RBG for activism from the bench as in the case of Lilly ledbetter, saying “she made a decession based not on law and preccident but on her own moral core. Then worked with Obama to get the law passed in Congress. That is the essense of activism They had to make her decesion a law, that is the defintion of actist,” she said.


Pirro has spoken about her point of view recently, also, on Tucker Carlson’s show, saying:

“I can tell you is that she [RBG] was motivated by her beliefs in women’s rights and activism. I mean, I was a judge myself and there were cases that I disagreed on but the law and precedent dictated what position I would take. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a judge who allowed her belief on a particular issue, in many ways to dictate her final judgment in the case.

 I mean if indeed it is true what they’re saying that she has indicated that she wants to be replaced by and solved by another president, I mean that gives you, if that’s true, all you need to know about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” 

So it isn’t personal, but Pirro points out that RBG was an activist judge.

Due to RBG’s activism, an activist named Lilly Ledbetter became an icon to the left for showing how to use political theater to go around the Constitution how to make activist demands into law, using influence and Community Organizing.

Democrats are very proud of their attempts, schemes and tactics to disenfranchise American voters and shape laws and cultures away from the needs and desires of the American people. They love the power, and that is part of the reason they are very upset about Trump nominating a Constitutionalist to replace RBG.

Consider how politicians have made an activist a celebrity, and highly paid influencer with the help of an activist judge:

Trump is expected to name RGB replacement this week, after her funeral services.

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