“You are a Common Sense American,” Levin told Trump, “That is an Enormous Danger to the Democrats”

Posted by on September 21, 2020 6:03 am

President Donald J. Trump was on Levin and Liberty on Sunday night and they discussed a wide range of topics in their hour long interview at the White House, in a prerecorded interview.


Levin told Trump, “You are just a common-sense man, you are not an ideolog and that is why they hate you. You are an enormous danger to the Democrats.”

“I like the way you say that,” Trump said.


2.75 Generals signed a letter and endoresed you. “I get along great with the Military, we have the most powerful weapons on Earth. They are so jealous, and Democrats want to come after me for saying our weapons are so good. We have rebuilt our Military.


It is always Russia, Russia Russia, and I think China is so much more of a problem. The gave us the China virus. China is a problem.


“You took a path no one agreed with, Obama had left it and your Generals did that. You have Muslims making peace with Israel and that is amazing, Levin said.

“The Palestinians will come around in time,” Trump said. “John Kerry was so inept, he did a terrible job,” Trump said.


Vaccine- Democrats want to denigrate it, because it is going to end so fast. They started it three weeks, and they don’t want me to get credit. We are ready to distribute the vaccine- it is one of the greatest things anyone has done- they have done it in record time I change the FDA process- same safety different speed- we have great companies.

We are at the end of the process. They are saying it is too soon. These great companies would not put themselves on the line if it isn’t safe. It is sad what they are doing it. Just look at what they are doing in the election with the unsolicited ballots, they used to call it universal ballots, it is sad to see- it is a mess and they are doing it on purpose.

“They are getting tired of losing. I think it will calm down soon. We are beating them everywhere,Trump said.


“About the Ballots- the Democrats are setting up the narrative. They are under minding the integrity of the electoral process”- Levin said.

“It is going to be mayhem and that is what they want, and it won’t work,” Trump said. “They are out of control. It is really sad what the Democrats are doing,” Trump said. But there is so much more enthusiasm this time, it is much greater this time, look at the parades, the car parades, and the boat parades. We didn’t do that. So we are doing really well,” Trump said.


The Media all accused you of not protecting American Troops, and working with Putin and no one who has investigated that can find anything about it, it is a lie and did anyone apologize? Levin asked.

“No and it is so sad, look at the story that I called military members suckers and liars, we have 27 members who dispute that story, and I can’t do anything before. The Democrats make a commercial about it, and it is a lie.


“Drug Prices have gone down for the first time in 53 years,” Trump said.



“The environmentalists don’t like forest management, that is why California doesn’t take care of the forests and that is why there are having such a problem there. In order to save a little fish, the smelt, they can’t get water to the crops, there is no drought. There are State and Federal problems. I took care of Federal problems. You would have so much water but we can’t get the Governor to stop sending water out to the Pacific ocean to save a fish. It is stupidity,” Trump said.


“I let Barr handle John Bolton and if I listened to John Bolton or John McCain we would be in world war 5 by now, and I think he is a very stupid person,” Trump said.

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