Costco perfectly applies Cultural Marxism with war on Palmetto Cheesemaker, Brian Henry

Posted by on September 22, 2020 9:03 pm

Costco, a major retailer showed the world exactly how the tactics of Cultural Marxism work, to bring independent people to heel by pressuring them into submission, east the lose friends and family, or see their finances negetivily impacted.

Costo joined with the NAACP to pressure a business owner and lawmaker into apologizing for his unapproved thoughts, after jabbing at his reputation, and threatening to pull his product, a Palmetto Chesee Costco carried.

Yahoo News reported,”ostco Abruptly Removes This Popular Cheese Brand From Stores. Brian Henry, mayor of Pawleys Island, SC & owner of Palmetto Cheese, caused widespread disapproval & calls for boycott-called Black Lives Matter movement “terror organization.” on FB”

MyrtleBeach news reported, in their article, Costco nixes sales of Palmetto Cheese 3 weeks after owner calls BLM ‘terror’ group that “Costco Wholesale soon might no longer stock Palmetto Cheese, weeks after the pimento cheese brand’s owner, Brian Henry, called Black Lives Matter a “terror organization” on Facebook.”

Henry also is the mayor of Pawleys Island, a small South Carolina coastal town of around 100 residents.

The move by Costco, confirmed by Henry’s spokeswoman, Tiffany Andrews, is the latest blow to the well-known brand’s reputation since Henry’s Facebook post in August. 

“2 innocent people murdered,”Henry wrote in the Facebook post, referring to the killings of two people following a car accident in Georgetown last month. “Not 2 thugs or people wanted on multiple warrants. 2 white people defenselessly gunned down by a black man. Tell me, where is the outrage?”

Costco released a statement,“Costco rotates items in and out during the course of the year,” Henry said in a statement. “They will occasionally add and drop products as a matter of normal business. Costco has been a valued partner for nearly a decade, and we remain optimistic that Palmetto Cheese will be back on their shelves in the not too distant future. Our goal is to make our product available to all of our loyal customers, and we thank them for their continued support.”

The remaining containers of Palmetto Cheese will remain in Costco’s stores until it is sold out, Andrews said. The product cannot be found on Costco’s website.

Henry released a statement, on resident posted about it:

“Following the controversy surrounding a Facebook post called “racially-insensitive” that turned into some calls for resignation or boycotting of the Palmetto Cheese brand — Pawleys Island Mayor Brian Henry delivered a statement to reporters at the Sea View Inn.

Following Henry’s statement, a reporter asked about any possibility of resignation, to which he replied he would not be taking any questions.

Henry’s statement included changes that would be coming to the Palmetto Cheese branding, along with discussing the establishment of a foundation to improve race relations and honor the memory of Vertrella Brown.

He also stated emphatically that Brown was not the creator of Palmetto Cheese’s recipe, but rather his wife, Sassy, who stood by his side during the statement.”

This is the post that upset the Marxists:

Henry apologized, “Brian Henry, Mayor of Pawleys Island, was joined by his wife Sassy Henry at a press conference where he apologized for comments that he made on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement after the double murder of a father and step-daughter in Georgetown last week. September 3, 2020,” MyrtleBeachNews reported.

Local news reported, “Earlier this week, Andrews said in an email that Henry would be providing “items needed by the minority community” in the area, such as laptops. Seven local churches are to be among the recipients, the spokesperson said. Henry also plans to create a $2,500 scholarship each semester with the Horry-Georgetown Technical College.”

But those moves were not enough for the left, who prefer the cancel culture methods of ultimate destruction.

The Boycott has just begun…the cancel culture and demands for power is just too yummy…

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