Trump Hating Clothing Company, Patagonia, Hides Crude Political Messages In Their Clothes, Prepare For The Boycott As Patriots Fume [Opinion]

Posted by on September 22, 2020 6:04 pm
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[Opinion] Most people look at tags in their pants to check the size or washing instructions. What they’re not looking for is a hidden political message from the company they bought from. Patagonia, an activist clothing company, doesn’t seem to care, however.  This is not the first time the company has entered the political fray.

In a new shorts line they recently released, under the tag the message “vote the assholes out” can be found. Since we live in a world of fake news, people were quick to fact check this and unfortunately, it’s true.

A spokesperson for Patagonia released a statement saying, “it refers to politicians from any party who deny or disregard the climate crisis and ignore science, not because they aren’t aware of it, but because their pockets are lined with money from oil and gas interests,” according to NBC News.

They’re talking about Pelosi, right? Liberals? Patagonia claims that the message isn’t geared towards any specific politician or administration. But the fact that Democrats push the climate agenda consistently though, tells me that Patagonia is really going after Trump and the other conservatives in office.

After all, Democrats are constantly putting Greta Thunberg in the news and claiming that conservatives don’t care about the environment. Maybe Nancy Pelosi’s recent blaming of the California wildfires on “mother nature” is her way of reminding people “just how much she cares” about the planet. But Kamala Harris and Joe Biden flying around in private jets while they complain about people hurting the environment doesn’t exactly fit.

So naturally, since conservatives are the ones pushing for saving the unborn, standing up for our freedoms and rights, and defending law enforcement, instead of running around on yachts and private planes complaining about the environment but doing nothing to help, the message from Patagonia is clearly geared towards conservatives.

I enjoy shopping, but when I buy a pair of pants, I much prefer to just check to make sure I’m getting the right size and move on with my life. Whether a conservative message or liberal one, when shopping I really don’t need politics with my pants.

’m all about standing up for what you believe. It’s important to know what you believe and be proud of it. If clothing stores want to get political, as bad of an idea as I think that is, hiding messages in their pants is a cowardly and terrible way to do it. And if you’re going to get political, try being a bit more classy. I mean “vote the assholes out?” Really? Why not just encourage your shoppers to vote, not tell them how to vote?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Patagonia is going after conservatives, I mean everyone else in the world is. But unfortunately for them, I don’t think a cowardly, hidden message in a pair of over-priced shorts is going to make anybody refrain from voting for Trump.

I mean, after all, they said the message is for those who don’t care about the economy, and that would be the Democrats.