Posted: September 23, 2020
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Biden’s “Shortlist of Progressives for SCOTUS” Compiled by Concerned Group

A group of concerned citizens in a group called “Article 4 Project” led by Mike Davis, who say they are fighting to confirm President Donald J. Trump’s judicial nominees and “punch back” at attacks on nominees has published a shortlist of the people who they believe, based upon the evidence they have studied, Democrat Presidential hopeful Joe Biden would nominate to the Supreme Court as Justices.

“Biden won’t release a list of his nominees because he knows they are too radical for people,” Trump told voters in Ohio, Sunday.

Since the death of far left activist Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the fight over Trump’s authority to seat a justice before the November General election, with Biden saying he has the authority to seat the new justice and Trump should concede to that.

Trump has not conceded, claiming it is Constitutional duty to seat new Justice, and he has challenged Biden to release a list of names Biden would choose from, if he was ever given a chance to seat a justce.

Biden has refused, indicating that he doesn’t believe voters need to know that. The topic is expected to come up again in the Presidential Debates, the first one expected to happen on Sept 30th.

“Democrats are threatening to “pack the Court” — if ⁦ @SenateGOP confirms President @realDonaldTrump ‘s Supreme Court pick? They forget to mention that court-packing is already in the ⁦ @DNC platform. Never negotiate with terrorists,” Mike Davis wrote.

According to a press release from Article 3 Project, Monday, includes what the group believes WOULD be Biden’s list:

List Based on Public Statements Made by Biden, Elected Leaders and Activists

WASHINGTON, DC — The Article III Project (A3P), which promotes and defends President Trump’s judicial nominees and appointed judges, is today releasing its estimation of the Biden Supreme Court shortlist currently in development by the Biden-Harris campaign. Despite promising to release his own list, as President Trump has, former Vice President Joe Biden has refused, even now as a new Supreme Court vacancy has been created by the recent death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Biden Short List includes 12  potential nominees compiled from painstaking research from news reports and public statements from former Vice President Biden, his campaign staff, Democratic party officials and party activists. You can view the list here.

“Joe Biden has refused to tell the American people who he’d put on the Highest Court in the Land,” said A3P founder and president Mike Davis. “President Trump had the courage and respect to release his list of potential Supreme Court picks to the American people in 2016. The American people liked what they saw, so we elected him. Trump has updated his Supreme Court list 3 times, with 44 rock-solid potential picks for the current opening. Biden does not want us to know a single person he’s considering for the Supreme Court, because his picks would scare the hell out of American voters. So A3P decided to release a list for him.”

The Biden Shortlist includes:

Stacey Abrams – Former gubernatorial candidate and Fair Fight president (NBC News story, Biden statement about appointing a Black female)

Brigitte Amiri – ACLU lawyer (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

Xavier Becerra – Democratic Attorney General of California, former House member (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

James Forman, Jr. – Yale Law School professor (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

Rochelle Garza – ACLU of Texas staff attorney (specifically referred by People’s Parity Project)

Deepak Gupta – Appellate lawyer, Gupta Wessler (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

Sherrilyn Ifill – NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund president (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

Pam Karlan – Stanford Law School professor, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Voting Rights (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

Leah Litman – University of Michigan Law School professor (specifically referred by People’s Parity Project)

Melissa Murray – NYU School of Law professor (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

Judge Cornelia “Nina” Pillard – D.C. Circuit Judge (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

Zephyr Teachout – Fordham Law School professor (specifically referred by Demand Justice)

“Any of these 12 individuals would be a radical choice for the Supreme Court by Joe Biden, likely to undermine our Constitution, legislate from the bench and threaten the 2nd Amendment and other fundamental rights,” said Davis. “It is time for Joe Biden to release his list. In the meantime, voters can judge this list.”

To learn more about A3P’s work visit:

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