A gay Muslim Palestinian American comes out swinging for Trump and Smashes Identity Politics for good, “Muslims Secretly are Thankful for Trump” VIDEO

Posted by on September 24, 2020 6:03 pm

President Donald J. Trump has vocal and bold support from people of such diverse backgrounds that the Democrats are lost in the woods, trying to figure out how different voting demographics admire and respect him so much, and will vote for him in November.

Richard Grenell, Acting Director of National Intelligence, is a bold supporter of Trump’s and happens to be homosexual. Grenell has made a point to say that Trump appointed him, not because he was gay, but because he was the best for the job, cementing Grenell’s loyalty.

He posted a powerful video on his social media recently.

Grenell, for his solid loyalty to Trump, has earned Trump supporters admiration in return giving him a large platform for his commentary.

On Wednesday Grenell posted the video testimony of someone we are told should hate Trump, but he doesn’t. Grenell identifies the man as a “Gay Palestinian American”, and Grenell posted that the Council on Foreign Relations is confused.

Hazem, the subject of the video, identifies on his Twitter as, “Apostate Rebel, Inspired Thinker, Proud American. Human Rights Guy & Philosopher. Filmmaker & Teller of the most Telling Stories”

“As a proud American of Middle Eastern heritage, it is clear that Donald Trump is the right leader to bring peace to a worn-torn Middle East. I am the son of Plistian Arab Parents,” Hazem, an Investigative Journalist reported about himself in a video for “OutSpoken”, who presented the video saying, “You have been lied to. They said he would start WWIII. Instead, @realDonaldTrump is bringing PEACE to the Middle East. Palestinian Journalist @Hazem_F explains why he and many others support The Peace President.”

Hazem has investigted and reported on the Islamic chaos that has caused human suffering, which Hazem does not like.

“Through his poicies for peace in the middle east, he is allowing freedom to flourish,” Hazem said of Trump. “In just three years Trump has completley crushed ISIS. He did what he promised and he took out two of the region’s most brutal terrorists. The Obama administration, on the other hand, gave them money. I have hope because someone like Trump sits in the White House. The bad guys took advanagte of of weak leadership like Obama. The truth is that peace is possible,” Hazem said.

Watch the full video:

Grenell has said before that he does not want to be “at the rainbow table down the hall, as the Democrats have done,” he and others want to judged by their work.

Trump is enjoying a high level of support from the gay community, it was polled at 45% last week, and I wrote about that HERE.

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