Democrats Panic After Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules to Toss Out ‘Naked Ballots’ Which Could Be Used to Cheat

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Pennsylvania election officials – Democrats – and voting rights advocates – again, Democrats – are panicking over a state Supreme Court ruling that orders officials to throw out “naked ballots,” warning that the ruling could bring widespread voter disenfranchisement and a legal battle following the November elections.  Whenever you hear the terms “voter disenfranchisement” and “voter suppression” you know you’re dealing with a progressive Democrat who is complaining about their ability to cheat in an election being taken away from them.  I’m not saying that those things never happen, but they have thrown about those terms so many times in scenarios that didn’t pass the smell test, it kicks my radar into overdrive.

The ruling on so-called naked ballots — mail ballots returned to election offices without an inner secrecy envelope — carries potentially sweeping electoral ramifications for a state that President Donald Trump won in 2016 by about 44,000 votes.  Former vice president and Democratic nominee Joe Biden views the state as a “must win” scenario for his path to the White House.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court
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In a letter sent to Republican leaders in the state legislature on Monday, Lisa Deeley, the chair of the Philadelphia city commissioners, warned that the court ruling may result in more than 100,000 mail-in ballots being tossed out and pushed for legislators to quickly get rid of the secrecy envelope requirement for mail ballots.  Democrats, always looking for a way around the law when it doesn’t go their way.

She wrote that the recent ruling could “set Pennsylvania up to be the subject of significant post-election legal controversy, the likes of which we have not seen since Florida in 2000,” when a lengthy recount dispute prompted intervention by the US Supreme Court.

“This is not a partisan issue. We are talking about the voting rights of our constituents, whether they be Democrats, Republicans, or independents, whose ballots will be needlessly set aside,” Deeley, a Democrat, wrote. “Anyone who advocates doing nothing to address this situation, in hopes that more Democratic ballots are thrown out than Republican ballots, is not being an effective policy maker and is not doing their job to make sure that this election goes off well.”

Actually, this is a partisan issue, partisan, because it’s the Democrats who want to use naked ballots to cheat.  There is nothing stopping voters from requesting a legal ballot that has the proper identification to cast their vote.  Either that, or instead of standing in line at the grocery store on Election Day they can go stand in line to vote.

Folks, this is the sure sign of people who are angry that their opportunities to cheat in the November election and being thwarted.  They’re trying to gaslight you.  They want you to believe that removing naked ballots is throwing out votes.  I call bullschtein!

When counting mail ballots, election officials have to check the information on the mailing envelope to confirm that the vote is valid.  At that point, the outer envelope is opened.  Next, the “secrecy envelope” containing the ballot is put aside.  From that time forward, the vote is considered as anonymous.  A naked ballot is no different from a blank ballot, with no serial number, no watermark, no envelope proving validity of the ballot, nothing, placed into a copier machine to have ten thousand copies made and filled out by cheating Democratic operatives to send in to be counted when they are all fraudulent.  Democrats want the right to use them to cheat.

“It is clear that the legislature believed that an orderly canvass of mail-in ballots required the completion of two discrete steps before critical identifying information on the ballot could be revealed. The omission of a secrecy envelope defeats this intention,” wrote Justice Max Baer, a Democrat.

Along these lines, Baer wrote on behalf of the court, “We hold that the secrecy provision … is mandatory and the mail-in elector’s failure to comply with such requisite by enclosing the ballot in the secrecy envelope renders the ballot invalid.”

We are talking about an election in the United States.  The Democrats have been pushing fear over the Chinese virus pandemic (CV-19) in order to use the hype of that fear to push for mail-in voting.  Mail-in voting is how they plan to steal the White House from Donald Trump.  The plan is simple.  The Democrats wait until after voting ends.  They wait to see how many votes Biden lost by, and then “magically” find enough ballots (all of them fraudulent) that put Biden over the top.  If they are allowed to get away with it our country will never be the same.

Deeley approximated that from the June primaries, between 15,000 and 30,000 naked ballots were returned in Philadelphia. With the variety of mail ballots expected to double in the general election, she stated that the court’s ruling could invalidate between 30,000 and 40,000 ballots in Philadelphia alone.  Oh, well.  State law prohibits naked ballots, and no, we are not going to make an exception for the most critical election in our nation’s history.

The number of mail ballots cast can be expected to be particularly high, given concerns about CV-19 thanks to the hyperbolic lies by Democrats and the Fake News media.

The ruling over naked ballots was rendered Thursday.  It was part of a number of election-related rulings made by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court including an order to extend the deadline for mail ballots to be returned, and another that allows voters to submit mail-in ballots through drop boxes.

The court in the end ruled that bare ballots must be invalidated, coming down on the side of the Trump campaign, which sued to have such ballots tossed out.   The only ones who have the power to trash the secrecy envelop requirement is the state legislature, and since the Republicans control that body, don’t expect anything to happen.  They respect the law and don’t want to make it easier for anyone to cheat.  I predict that the next antic the Democrats come up with is creating fake secrecy envelopes to stuff their fraudulent ballots into.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party additionally asked the US Supreme Court this week to review the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to extend the mail ballot due date, arguing that the later deadline would increase the risk of illegal voting.  Election Day ends November 3rd.

Sara Mullen, the advocacy and coverage director on the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, stated that a part of the priority over the state Supreme Courtroom’s ruling owes to the truth that 2020 would be the first time many Pennsylvania voters will solid their ballots by mail.

“I believe individuals are nonetheless getting used to how they work and some people don’t realize there’s a secrecy envelope enclosed,” Mullen stated.   So we’re supposed to allow the law to be broken because some people are too stupid to read the instructions on how to secure their ballot before mailing it?  Sorry Charlie, it doesn’t work that way.  “It’s just incumbent on those of us who are doing outreach and education to let people know the importance of that envelope.”

“The whole issue of secrecy envelopes wasn’t really a top priority before this ruling, but I think it will be now,” she added.  Exactly.  They got caught on an issue they thought would fly under the radar.

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