Just In: Suspect In The Shooting Of Two Officers Following Breonna Taylor Verdict Has Been Identified

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[Opinion] I am sure that by now you have heard about Breonna Taylor.  Ms. Taylor was the girl friend of a man whose house was mistakenly raided by the Louisville Kentucky Police Department.  A shoot out ensued and she was killed during the gun battle.

BLM activists have championed her family’s cries for justice, making Breonna’s name synonyms with the movement.  Yesterday the jury handed down their decision, and as everyone predicted, anything short of a public execution for all the officers involved was going to appease the crowd.

The entire town seemed to know what was coming (a violent riot,) and many businesses and even the Federal Building was borded up prior to the judgement, the media reported.

federal building in Louisville VIA Fox News

I think most of us expected a lot of property damage and perhaps some want to be Che Guevara’s initiating violence against the police, but not attempted murder. While no one was charged with ‘attempted murder,’ as a gun owner, if you ask me, firing a gun at someone is almost always attempted murder. Whether or not your actions were justified is another matter.  Well, what we expected is exactly what happened, two officers were shot last night by a ‘peaceful protester’ and now police are saying they think they know who fired the shots.

Fox News reported:

The Louisville Metro Police Department announced Thursday nearly 100 arrests were made overnight amid demonstrations following a grand jury decision to charge only one officer in connection to the police operation that killed Breonna Taylor, but not her death.

A suspect accused in shooting two Louisville police officers during protests Wednesday evening has also been identified. Larynzo Johnson, 26, has been charged with wanton endangerment and assault of a police officer. He will be arraigned Friday.

Shots rang out when Louisville police officers were conducting crowd control operations at Broadway and Brook Street “in response to a large crowd that had set fires, caused property damage and failed to disperse after being warned,” according to the post-arrest complaint filed in Jefferson County.

Johnson “intentionally used a handgun to fire multiple bullets at officers” addressing the crowd, the complaint said. Two officers were struck by bullets causing serious physical injury. Police said witnesses spotted Johnson firing a handgun at officers and running from the scene.

The complaint said he was also in possession of a handgun at the time of his arrest and law enforcement recovered video of the shooting showing the suspect fire at officers.

A police statement first obtained by the Associated Press said some people were arrested in Louisville, Ky., after damaging businesses and more were detained after jumping on city vehicles being used as barricades. Later, protesters who refused orders to disperse were arrested for curfew and unlawful assembly violations.’

Mugshot of John Larynzo Via Fox News

If you were on social media or watching Fox or OAN last night, you likely saw the rioting, if you were watching CNN or MSNBC you likely did not even know that this happened.  In that lies the problem and perhaps the fate of our nation.  With half the country seeing only one side of the debate, how are we going to come together as a people?  The establishment wants us divided and the media is the perfect tool to accomplish this goal.

If this nation is to survive we must rise above the division and come together, as one, as Americans.

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