Kamala Harris Calls for ‘Justice Reform’ For Breonna Taylor After Investigation Shows Police Acted Accordingly

Posted by on September 24, 2020 9:03 pm

On Wednesday, as  several violent Black Lives Matter protests-turned-riots were taking place, Democratic vice presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) ostensibly encouraged the protesters to continue their demonstrations.  Of course Harris will later claim she only meant the peaceful protests, of which there were none during the riots in question.  She was fomenting anger that she had to know would potentially lead to violence.

The protests broke out Wednesday night in Louisville, Kentucky and then in other cities across the country following news that a Kentucky grand jury did not bring murder charges against the officers who were involved in the shooting that ended up costing Breonna Taylor her life.  They went with the evidence, something Harris apparently hasn’t.

Harris took to social media to send a dog whistle to rioters.

“Tonight, I’m thinking of Breonna Taylor’s family who is still grieving the loss of a daughter and sister. We must never stop speaking Breonna’s name as we work to reform our justice system, including overhauling no-knock warrants.”

She said this after we found out there was no reform needed for the justice system, since the police did everything by the book, and it was Breonna’s boyfriend who caused her death by shooting at cops.

Former Vice President Joe Biden additionally commented during the protests, urging people to “continue to speak” Taylor’s name.

“We must continue to speak Breonna Taylor’s name, support her family still in grieving, and never give up on ensuring the full promise of America for every American,” a Biden staffer must have tweeted for him.

“Breonna Taylor was a beloved daughter, member of her community, and an essential worker who served as an E.M.T. as CV-19 began to spread,” Biden stated. “But she died, shot in her own home by the police. In the wake of her tragic death, we mourn with her mother, family, and community and ask ourselves whether justice could be equally applied in America.”

Why don’t Democrats ever place the blame where it really belongs?  Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot at police first.  Every time there is a shooting, Democrats universally blame the gun and not the person shooting.  They blame the person who was defending themself and not the criminal who started shooting.

Biden called for no violence, more-than-likely because his polling showed he should have since he hadn’t all summer long.  The former VP also suggested Americans start “addressing the use of excessive force, banning chokeholds, and overhauling no-knock warrants.”

Biden added, “A federal investigation remains ongoing, but we do not need to wait for the final judgment of that investigation to do more to deliver justice for Breonna. We know what is necessary. We need to start by addressing the use of excessive force, banning chokeholds, and overhauling no-knock warrants. I know people are frustrated and they have a right to peacefully protest, but violence is never acceptable. And we can express pain, grief, anger, and disappointment at the way things are, but remain focused on rebuilding trust in our communities and delivering change that can be.”

You heard it right there, folks.  Joe Biden, who is asking you to make him the top law enforcement officer in the nation, just said we don’t need to wait for the facts to come in from the investigation to “deliver justice for Breonna.”  Is that the type of person you want running the country, someone who would jump to whatever the popular conclusion was at the moment, rather than wait for the facts?  I sincerely hope not.

Two Louisville Metro Police Officers were shot early on Wednesday amid the protests. Based on a press briefing from authorities after the shooting, one officer is recovering and the other officer needed surgery.

A number of other protesters in Louisville tried to set fire to the Hall of Justice and other areas of Louisville.

Each Biden and Harris later released statements on the two officers who were shot in Louisville.

https://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1308973138005430272?s=20@JoeBiden  and I are keeping the police officers who were shot in Louisville in our hearts, wishing them a swift and speedy recovery. Violence is not the answer and we must find a way to express our grief, anger, and demands in ways that reflect the world we wish to see.” A Biden staffer must have tweeted for him, because there’s no way this guy was able to come up with four complete sentences that fully made sense.

“Even amidst the profound grief & anger today’s decision generated, violence is never & can never be the answer. Those who engage in it must be held accountable. Jill & I are keeping the officers shot tonight in Louisville in our prayers. We wish them both a swift & full recovery.”

These comments made by Biden and Harris seem like they’re obligatory.  They caught heat for not saying a thing about the two LA deputies who were ambushed while sitting in their cruiser, both shot in the head.  I guess the polling didn’t go so well, so now Harris is talking out of both sides of her mouth, on one hand wishing the officer’s well, while on the other hand calling for more protests, which let’s face it, turn violent just about every time.  Biden’s staffer who writes these things for him has done the same thing.

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