VIDEO: Public Shaming like Communists, Trumps pay respect to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Leftists Scream and boo at her Casket

Posted by on September 24, 2020 6:03 pm

In a showing of tremendous disrespect and hatred, leftist activists have shown their utter disdain for the traditions of America, for human decency and for civility in general.

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump both appeared today on the steps of the Supreme Court to stand in respect behind the casket of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on her final hours before she is laid in ground and burried at Arlington.

In a shocking sign of disrespect for RBG, her friends, her family and the Counrty about 100 people stood outside and booed loudly, screaming and having a fit, shouting, “respect her wish-respect her wish”, which is a touch back to an unverified story that RBG’s final words were that she didn’t want to be replaced by Trump, which is his Constutitional Duty to do.

Leaving no tradition or civil moment left, the left has exploited a solemn moment, in their hatred for America.

The Trump’s stood, dignified and quiet and peaceful in the face of screams and jaunts, both wearing black face masks, out of respect for the Pandemic conerns of others.

Video shows that the Trump’s stood quietly and in respect of the country and for RBG.

The left and their media machine was ready to use the political theater, believing it will help their cause to unseat Trump as President or to at least to stop Trump from nominating his choice for the Supreme Court vacancy.

They were prepared to set up the public shaming of our President and First Lady.

Mediaiate had a story ready to go within moments of the event happening.

They wrote,” President Donald Trump received a harsh reception as he and First Lady Melania Trump paid respect to recently departed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As the president emerged from the front of the Supreme Court the crowd could be heard loudly booing and then chanting “Vote him out!”

The president emerged while wearing a mask, a rare visage during this global pandemic, and was immediately greeted with lustful booing by the assembled crowd clearly upset with both the death of Bader Ginsburg and Trump’s pledge to replace her before the election.”

Political theater, hoping to shame, harass and embarrass people is an important part of the Cultural Marxist machine, to bring about a Cultural Revolution. Public shaming is a powerful tool, a Chinese Community Party tactic to control people, to bring about the collective left’s dreams of utopia. It is a common tool that survivors of Communism say was the hardest to overcome.

Consider what the RBG Revolution really is about:

Here is the crowd booing their own President, who is standing at the casket of someone they seem to worship, RBG, and they are acting like barbarians at the idea that the duly elected President will fulfill his constitutional duty to fill a vacancy left by an 87 year old, chronically ill woman.

The culture divide is great in America.

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