VIDEO: Car Driver was Attacked and then Ambushed in Hollywood, Are Attacks Escalating?

Posted by on September 25, 2020 3:03 pm

Hollywood California was the scene of a riot Thursday night by an organized mob of people under a group called Black Lives matter, using the excuse of the results of Breonna Taylor’s case earlier in the week to assault and terrorize innocent people in the area, amid violent uprisings, encouraged by the Democrat party, and promoted by a federally assisted Non-Profit company pushing Marxism in America’s government.

Seen in the video below is a white Prius, who is attempting to make it through a large gathering of people who are occupying the road, refusing to yield to traffic. The white car moves carefully through the people, who gathering around the car as it is forced to slow down, with people kicking and hitting the car. The driver appears to be acting cautiously, and then picks up speed driving a short distance, when a truck speeds ahead of the car and using a tactic to stop the white car, by driving in front of the car and stopping, forcing a crash. Violent rioters tried to pull the driver out of the car, while another car drove up behind the car to stop the Prius from retreating, and a small mob gathered to smash the car, and punched him “several times” according to Hollywood Police. All of this is captured on a series of videos below.

It is notable that this assault happened miles away from the infamous Reginold Denny beating of Truck Drive at the flashpoint of the LA Riots.

Different angles are online:

And another:

There is a lot of confusion around this event, but the police are aware of the event:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a global corporation of smaller groups made up of a activists, grassroots marketing patforms, financiers, fundraisers and professional marketing. They have expert and top notch messaging, branding and PR and the America mainstream media promotes them freely on TV, 24 hours a day.

BLM is also ‘instutitional’ in that it is supported by American instutitions such as public education, Sports and Entertainment, health care and the Judicial system in many states and local governments.

Black Lives Matter is a global company and according to Business Insider,”The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the organization’s official name, is a non-profit — but it is not tax-exempt. In the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, such an organization is treated as any normal corporation, and still has to pay income tax.”

The precursor to the Trayvon Martin Case was the LA Riots of 1992 when Truck Driver was hauled out of his truck and almost beaten to death on live Television.

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