Democrat Strippers for Biden make Exotic Video Ad About Education & Police Reform, Crickets from Suburban Moms for Biden

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A new ad was promoted on Facebook to voters that is sure to be very popular because viewers are given some free pornography in the form of a video loop with numerous Black Women, almost naked dry humping a pole, and shaking their ample bottoms with “I voted Stickers” glued or painted on themselves.

“The public service announcement encourages people to vote, noting that local elections, particularly for district attorney can be just as important as presidential elections,” a woman says on the video. “Can’t make it rain if you locked up on some bulls—,” Imani, one of the dancers, says.

The women then speak about why they are voting, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, in case you wanted to know how “sex workers” were feeling about their vote and what is on the mind of this demographic.

The New York Post reported,” They’re going from the pole to the polls.”

new ad featuring exotic dancers is encouraging voters to “get your booty to the poll” ahead of the 2020 election. The ad includes a variety of dancers encouraging voters to make sure their voices are heard on everything from subjects taught in schools to ending cash bail.

One of the dancers remarks: “Ferguson just elected their first black mayor. You know how that happened?” before the screen cuts to a woman twerking in a thong bikini with the word “vote” written on each of her butt cheeks.

The colorful ad starts out with pole dancers in lingerie gyrating on a pole in front of bunting and then cuts to a dancer saying “Did we get your attention? Good.”

From the video:

“You know it’s more than just the president on the ballot right?” one of the dancers says.

“A district attorney decides who to prosecute,” another adds.

“Including whether or not to go after dirty cops,” a third says to the camera.

“Can’t make it rain if you’re locked up on some bullsh-t,” one of the dancers quips.

“Vote for the sheriffs and the county officials that feel the same way you do,” another adds.

“It’s clear black lives don’t matter to some of our current elected officials,” the ad says.

“If they matter to you, then don’t let other people decide who’s going to run your community. Get your booty to the poll!”

The ad concludes with telling voters to head to for more information on how and where to vote, plus details on candidates in their area.

Joe Biden is said to be leading in the polls with College-educated men and women and esp with Suburban White Women, and this ad is certain to resonate with women who are concerned about #Metoo Feminist movements.

Certainly, women simulating lap dances and sex, on a pole, like women in strip clubs, is the way to get people to go and vote, and promote the positivity of feminism to our young men and women.

No doubt parents of young Black girls are so happy about the leadership and role modeling of this ad because everyone knows that Sex Workers and Pole Danvers are underrepresented, and glorifying Black Women as sex objects, in American entertainment these days is powerful feminism.

Here you go, it is all over the internet.

According to Democrats, they are just being “athletic”.

Consider who is representing the Democrat Party:


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