Video Just In: Justice In America Is, And Has Been, DEAD, Bartiromo Now Reporting That Durham Investigation Report Before November Election is Unlikely [Opinion]

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[Opinion] In what we should file under, ‘predictable yet disappointing,‘ Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo is reporting that Durham’s report will not be handed over until after the election.  I mean, the team has only had years to work on the investigation, why would they have the report ready in time for people to know what the Obama/Biden admin was up to, or was not up to, when it came to the 2016 election.

It’s not like the VP from that administration is running against the victim of the alleged crimes being investigated for the freakin’ President of the United States.  It’s not like embedded agents in the government or so called DS, could be doing the same thing again this time around.  It’s not like the very foundation of our republic depends on knowing these answers before the next election …. oh, wait, it IS like that.  However, the DOJ does not care.

If you thought the DS pulled out all the stops to get HRC in in ’16, and the concept of the DS thinking ‘if they ever find out what we did, we will hang for this,’ pertained to the last election, imagine the incentive to do ANYTHING to get Biden elected.  This is a free chance at double or nothing now.  If I were a crooked bad actor and DS member, I would go balls out to get Biden in, knowing that the moment he is sworn in all my crimes and the crimes from 2016 will never be looked into again.

What do you think the hacks are working on at this moment?  What traps are they laying for Trump that they will try to use to remove him after he wins 2020?  Like Schumer said these people ‘have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.’  I think it is a safe bet that they have deployed all 6 and likely found another 6 to to add into the mix for 2020.

At this point, even if Trump wins the 2020 election (and the court battles that are sure to ensue following Nov 3,) I would be surprised if anyone of consequence pays for their sins from the 2016 fiasco.  Justice in America is dead, it is just that simple.
Not just justice on the Federal level, but thanks to the billions and billions of a certain someone, whose name we are forbidden from mentioning, local jurisdictions are compromised as well.

According to Bartiromo, a debate has begun within the Department of Justice as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusion. Sources say at this point it would appear politically motivated.  Keep in mind they had plenty of time to release the report before now, and guy what, the investigation is politically motivated, the damn thing is based on, what I believe was a MFing soft coup for crying out loud!

The reasons the Democrats will win, and the American Dream will lose,  in the long run is because there is absolutely NOTHING they will not to do to achieve their ends, to gain or thicken their power.  Just last week they were floating packing the court because they would not be in control of it.  Now they want to limit terms to 18 years.

The leftists have no morals, no sense of honor.  The ends ALWAYS justify the means, in their minds.  While there are many degenerate RINOs out there, there are enough honest statesmen the Republican party that will eventually lose every battle because good men and women refuse to sell their souls.

The Democrats have ‘cremated their care’ and this gives them a great advantage, they can not do as they please, working 100% towards their goal, regardless of whether their actions are just, right or moral.  While conservatives are rightfully worried about making sure our actions are honorable in the eyes of God.  This is the fundamental flaw in humanity, one which I fear will lead to our destruction, those who live without honor shall eventually conquer the globe and consolidate all power under a single, corrupt, festering entity.

Realclearpolitics reported:

FOX News Channel host Maria Bartiromo said that her sources are now saying that they no longer expect U.S. Attorney John Durham to release a report on possible wrongdoing in the intelligence community during the 2016 election before the 2020 election.

“It is unlikely that we will get a John Durham interim report or any indictments before the election. Now, just 37 days away, a debate has begun within the Department of Justice, as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusions. I’m being told by sources it is now too close to the election and could be seen as politically motivated,” Bartiromo said on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

She maintains that the investigation is “significant” and again insists that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation.

“Again, I believe based on my conversations with sources it is unlikely you’ll hear any conclusions by John Durham by Nov. 3,” she repeated.

Anyway, he is the segment:

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