Breaking: Body-Cam Video of Police Body Slamming Brad Parscale Released … Was This Necessary?!

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[Opinion] Last night we covered reports that, the man who was largely credited with creating the digital strategy that allowed Donald Trump to beat the entire political establishment in 2016, was hospitalized after threatening to harm himself.

Initial reports, as told by the Sun Sentinel:

‘The police, called by his wife, went to the house in the Seven Isles community, an affluent area in which houses have access to the water. They made contact, “developed a rapport” and negotiated his exit from the house, the police said in a statement. He was taken to Broward Health Medical Center under the Baker Act, which provides for temporary involuntary commitment.

Dietrich said he didn’t threaten police and he went willingly under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows police to detain a person who is potentially a threat to himself or others.’

Well, now more information is coming out about the incident, including the body cam footage from one of the detaining officers.  Things did not go down as many had pictured from the initial reports.

Fox News reported:

‘Police released bodycam footage on Monday of an incident involving President Trump’s former campaigner manager Brad Parscale, where he was taken to the hospital by law enforcement after allegedly threatening to harm himself.

The video shows police tackle a shirtless Parscale to the ground and place handcuffs on him after he emerged from his home, as he repeatedly said he “didn’t do anything.”

Liberals online were quick to suggests how lucky Parscale was that the police did not treat him like a ‘personal of color.’

From the video, you can see the police were in no way gentle with Brad.  There was one key difference between Parscale’s encounter with over aggressive cops, and those of others who end up with serious injuries … he did not try to fight them.  He let the officers cuff him and him and reiterated that he had done nothing wrong.

Officers can be heard speaking with Parscale on the phone and asking him to leave the house “’with no weapons.”

The video starts out with Brad’s wife telling the officers that her husband was walking around the house with weapons which he had ‘cocked.’  She appears to be shook up by the ordeal.

The video then cuts to Parscale coming out of the house, without a shirt and holding a can of beer, placing his beer on the bed of his pickup truck (‘Murica), and speaking calmly with one of the officers.

Moments later a different officer, one who appears to be amped up,  starts screaming at Parscale to get on the ground and before he knows what is happening, Mr. Parscale is essentially body slammed to the pavement and handcuffed … I would love to know the political affiliation of the officer who flipped his ****, but that is another story.

Here is the video, you can decide for yourself if the force the police used was warranted:

Fox News previously stated that, ‘a police report indicated that about 10 firearms were confiscated from Parscale’s house on Sunday, after law enforcement was called over an argument between Parscale and his wife.’

Clearly there is more to this story than meets they eye.  If we will ever find out what that ‘something’ is, is highly doubtful.  We wish the Parscale family a speedy recovery.

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