Breaking Video: Sleepy Joe Biden’s Campaign Requests Breaks EVERY 30 Minutes During Tonight’s Debate

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[Opinion]  Come on America! Wake the hell up already!  I know that those of you who are regular readers of our opinion blog are not brainwashed by the media, but holy hell, 40% or so of the country apparently is.  If you trust the polls, that number is even higher!

Just to be clear for the ‘fact checkers’, all the things I am about to say are my opinion:  Joe Biden is clearly not all there mentally.  The man is a walking, stuttering, gaffe machine.  He has told America that 200,000,000 have died from Covid.  He has said that 150,000,000 Americans have died from gun violence.  He talks about … you know, the thing.  The fact checkers will tell you that he quickly corrected his numbers, on Covid.  However, if you watch this clip, that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to gun deaths.

The fact that Jill Biden would not even let an interviewer ask a question about Joe’s gaffes tells me all I need to know: Cognitive decline is a major problem and so is Joe’s mental health.

The fact that CNN’s Jake Tapper obeyed, tells you a whole other, equally important story about how much the establishment it propping up, this barely there candidate.  Quite Frankly, doing this to Joe Biden is elder abuse (IMHO.)

I have been saying for a long time now that I do not think Biden is going to debate Trump.  Even Nancy Pelosi has said that Joe should not step into the debating ring with Trump.

President Trump has asked for additional terms, including inspecting Biden for an ear piece.  So far the report is that no one from Biden’s camp has responded to the request.

The Hill reported:

‘President Trump’s campaign wants to have a third party examine both his and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s ears for electronic devices before Tuesday night’s presidential debate, according to a new report. 

The president has said he is willing to participate in such an inspection, Fox News reported, but Biden has not as of Tuesday morning. 

Both the Trump campaign and Biden campaign did not immediately return a request from The Hill asking to confirm the Fox News report. The Commission on Presidential Debates also did not return a request for comment. ‘

Many have postulated that Biden will magically ‘catch Covid’ before the debates and be forced to back out.  That does not appear to be the case.  However, we are now starting to see some signs that Biden may be looking for a way out, right as the first debate looms.

The Hill went on to say:

‘A Trump campaign official told Fox the Biden team has requested two breaks during Tuesday night’s event, one every 30 minutes, a behest the president’s re-election campaign denied. 

“Our guy doesn’t need breaks. He gives 90-minute speeches all the time,” an unnamed campaign source told the outlet.’

If true, can you believe how desperate Joe, and most likely his handlers, must be in order to ask for breaks!?  The whole narrative that Trump has built is based on Joe Biden being ‘Sleepy Joe Biden.’  They must really need those breaks to play into Trump’s hand like this.

If Joe Biden can not debate for 90 mins without resting, how the **** is he going to be President and travel around the world 18 hours a day, 7 days a week?  What happens when there is a crisis?

The bottom line is simple, Joe Biden is not physically capable of being President of these United States.

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