Debate Roundup: Wallace Debated and Fought with Trump, Biden Interrupted, Kelly Anne Conway won the Night

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In a highly anticipated first Presidential debate between President Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden live from Cleveland Oh, with the narrator Chris Wallace, who insisted on calling Biden the “Vice President” and interrupted Trump often redirecting him whenever he was making a positive point, social media was busy with many observations.

As far as who moved the needle in the election, Trump won. He got Biden to discount the left’s Green New Deal and Bernie Sanders, to lie about his son Biden’s corruption and to be confusing about safety and law and order.

That reflects the polling done here:

Biden leaned heavily upon personal attacks, calling Trump names, mocking him, smirking, and calling him a liar numerous times. Biden didn’t answer often with facts but did appear to be reading something on his podium when talking about COVID , and numerous times begged Wallace to interrupt Trump.

Biden called Trump a clown numerous times, and as Trump was talking, Wallace came in to interrupt again. Wallace was very biased toward Biden by accusing Trump of interrupting many times and then went into a story about Charlottesville, asking about the left’s most favorite lie about something Trump never said, which fed Biden’s a much-needed charge of energy.

“This man is the savior of the Black man?” Biden said. “You have done a terrible job with Black Americans and we got the support of them,” Trump said.

The left was not happy:

Biden, in addressing the riots and domestic uprisings, lied about numerous things including attributing a line to Kellyanne Conway a former senior advisor, about making a statement that the campaign “liked violence”.

Conway was watching and answered by a tweet that Biden lied:

Trump laid into Biden on Law and Order, “You can’t even say law and order because you will lose your radical base”.

Biden again looked as if he was reading something on his podium when talking about racism.

Wallace interupted Trump numerous times when he was answering questions, and redicreting him. He did not interupt Biden.

During the debate, there was a steady stream of tweets from Trump’s account, and Wallace constantly interrupted, and rarely allowed Trump to address a statement Biden made.

Wallace was so combative with Trump and heavily favoring Biden, who Wallace never stopped from interrupting Trump. Wallace constantly called Biden, “Mr. Vice President”, and used “Sir” to address Trump.

Wallace was not well recived because of his behavior:

There were dumptrunks outside, but thefight was inside between Trump and Wallace.

Some of the great tweets from Trump’s account:

Trump talked about his confidence in making the choice of Amy Conney Barret, saying he won the election. Biden wants to wait to say that people need to choose the President, to who goes on the court, by who they choose for President.

Biden talked about affordable care act and women’s rights.

Biden said, “I am the Democrat party”, Trump said, “not according to Harris”.

Wallace made a statement about a plan to replace Obamacare, and Trump called him out. “What is the Trump health care plan?
Wallace asked, and Trump answered, ” I guess I am debating you and not him”.

Trump talked about cutting health Care prices, Wallace interrupted him, and then asked Biden to chime in.

Biden called Trump a “Clown” said that everyone knows he is a “liar”. Biden refused to answer questions and Biden told Trump “will you shut up man. “Keep yapping man”.

“For 47 years you have done nothing, Joe,” Trump said. “You have joined with Sanders in the most socialized plan for the country,” Trump said. “You have signed the Green New Deal manifesto,” Trump said.

“There is no manifesto,” and Trump said, “He just lost the left”

Wallace kept refering to Biden as the “Vice President” forgetting that he is not in any office at all.

Biden said that Trump should have gotten out of his bunker, which was ironic because Biden has not had many campaign events.

Trump got a jab in on Biden, when he said, “Don’t use smart with me, you were at the bottom of your class and can’t remember the name of your university, Joe.”

Wallace had to rescue Biden numerous times, “come on man”, he sits in his golf club,” Biden would say and Wallace would rush in to save him.

A popular moment on Twitter was when Trump said, “He wants to shut down the country, so hold on Joe let me shut you down,” as Biden was trying to jump in. “Joe wants to shut the country down,” Trump said and Wallace interrupted numerous times.

Biden refered to the Government as “we” forgetting that he holds no office.

Wallace laughed at Trump’s comments about campaign rallies and said, “no one shows up for Biden” Trump then added “People want to hear what I have to say and according to the experts being outside makes a difference.

“We have had 35,000- 40,000 people with no ill effect,” Trump said while Biden shook his head and mocked Trump with goofy faces.

Trump then said, “If you could get the crowds like I do, you would do the same thing but no one cares to see you.”

Trump’s account kept tweeting through the night.

In the end, Joe most likely lost voters with his refusal to embrace the far, radical left who have gotten him where he is now especially since his Vice President is a far-left radical.

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