California Goes Full Commie, Takes Over Corporate Board Rooms As Governor Newsom Signs Corporate Boardroom Diversity Law

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[Opinion]  If you wanted a glimpse into the future of America under complete Democrat control, one need to look no further than Commiefornia.   The left coast has apparently forgotten all the lessons society learned from the 20th century.  A 100 period where 100,000,000 human beings were killed by communist governments.

California is already well on there way down the red brick road.  For centuries ‘central planners’ have sought to run society from an ivory tower, directing which resources were to go where, resulting to incredible economic inefficiency and inevitably, economic collapse.

Newsom’s California is already forced to ration power, reminiscent of Jimmy Carter and his sweater.  Governor Newsom has tweeted:

‘We all need to do our part to reduce energy usage to prevent service interruptions!

Set your A/C at 78° or higher

Avoid major appliance use

Turn off unnecessary lights’

Another hallmark of centrally planned and authoritarian regimes is a condescending ruler.  Newsom has this role down pat.  Check out this video from the dear leader of California:

California is ground for central planning, and today that is more clear than ever.  Now the state is looking to centrally plan the board rooms of corporations.

Fox News is reporting:

‘Hundreds of California-based corporations must have directors from racial or sexual minorities on their boards under a first-in-the-nation bill signed Wednesday by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The diversity legislation is similar to a 2018 measure that required boardrooms to have at least one female director by 2019. Like that measure, it could face court challenges from conservative groups who view it as a discriminatory quota.

Supporters evoked both the coronavirus pandemic that is disproportionately affecting minorities and weeks of unrest and calls for inclusion that followed the slaying of George Floyd in May in the custody of Minneapolis police.

After Floyd’s death, many corporations issued statements of support for diversity, but many haven’t followed through, said Assemblyman Chris Holden (D-Pasadena), who co-authored the bill.

“The new law represents a big step forward for racial equity,” Holden said. “While some corporations were already leading the way to combat implicit bias, now, all of California’s corporate boards will better reflect the diversity of our state. This is a win-win as ethnically diverse boards have shown to outperform those that lack diversity.”

By the end of 2021, the more than 660 public corporations with California headquarters must have at least one board director from an “underrepresented community,” according to the measure.

Those who qualify would self-identify as Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native, or as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.’

So, if I am reading this right, the government is forcing businesses to put people in decision making positions based on … where their ancestors are from, where they put their genitals, and/or if they think they were born the wrong gender.  What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, these people should not be discriminated against, but neither should they be handed jobs for any reason other than competence.

Fox went on to explain:

‘The measure requires at least two such directors by the end of 2022 on boards with four to nine directors. Three directors are required for boards with nine or more directors. Firms that don’t comply would face fines of $100,00 for first violations and $300,000 for repeated violations.

At an online signing ceremony, Newsom said it was important for minorities to have a voice on the boards of powerful corporations.

“When we talk about racial justice, we talk about empowerment, we talk about power, and we need to talk about seats at the table,” Newsom said.’

Now that is telling.  ‘Racial justice’ sounds to me like a Trojan horse for central planning, but hey, what do I know, right?

If you live in California I would get out now, while you still can, before the authoritarian forbid travel beyond the state borders.  In a few weeks we will decide, is to America we want, or do we want to turn this nation into a centrally planned communist hell hole?

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