Conflict of interest: CIA Director Haspel is Reportedly Blocking more Declassified Documents from Coming out, Americans are Denied Again

Posted by on October 1, 2020 3:03 am

According to multiple intel officials familiar with ongoing declassification who talked to Sean Davis of The Federalist and told him that it is CIA Director Gina Haspel–who ran the CIA’s London office for John Brennan during the 2016 campaign–is personally blocking declassification of explosive Russiagate docs.

Haspel is Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since 2018.

“It is no coincidence, officials say, that Haspel is personally blocking declassification and release of documents given that she oversaw the CIA’s bureau in London when former British agent Christopher Steele was colluding with a Russian spy to peddle the bogus collusion hoax,” posted Sean Davis from the Federalist, after appearing on Tucker Carlson Wednesday.

“I’m told that it is Gina Haspel personally who is blocking continued declassification of these documents that will show the American people the truth of what actually happened,” Davis said.

John Ratcliffe, the director of the DNI, released a letter on Tuesday, at the request of Sen. Lindsey Graham the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, ahead of a Senate hearing with former FBI director Jim Comey, and that was met with intense public interest but was confusing because it was discredited by the media and the left.

And there was obvioulsy a lack of other documents to help Americans understand what happened in 2016.

The Federalist reported,”Recall it was London where Christopher Steele was doing all this work,” Davis said, noting Haspel was the “main link” between Washington and London at the time. Haspel was hand-picked by former CIA director John Brennan to run the CIA’s operations in London, where she served as the spy agency’s bureau chief from 2014 through early 2017.”

George Popadopulus, a former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign posted, “Of course she [Haspel] is. Mifsud, Downer, the CIA, DIA, Halper, “Azra Turk,” and more all “bumped” into me in London. Who was CIA station chief in London at the time? Gina Haspel. She is trying to cover up the UK and Australia’s role with the CIA. Expose it!”

Haspel has been at odds with Trump, even telling reporters that she believes she will be replaced before the election, refusing to follow directives.

Politico reported about Haspel,” Another Russia House analyst quit earlier this year after Haspel accused him of lying about intelligence — an accusation that happens fairly often, several former officials said. “She calls analysts liars all the time,” said one former CIA official. The head of the mission center itself is still in place.” posted a great reminder for Americans who forget that the Intelligence agencies work for President Donald J. Trump, including Gina Haspel.

The Intelligence Community works for the Executive Branch

To understand just how radical and damaging the action by the Intelligence Community leadership was, let’s take a moment and review how the process works in Washington with regard to assessments like that delivered last week.

The DNI serves as the head of the Intelligence Community. The U.S. Intelligence Community is a coalition of 17 agencies and organizations, including the ODNI, within the Executive Branch that work both independently and collaboratively to gather and analyze the intelligence necessary to conduct foreign relations and national security activities.


The Intelligence Community works for the Executive Branch. That means it works for President Donald Trump. That is true for the lowest guy or gal in an organization. It is no less true for the heads of the agencies that form the Intelligence Community.

Trump had said there would be an investigation into Clinton, so it is safe to guess that he is going to keep that promise.

Catherine Herridge from CBS News reported on Wednesday,” #Durham NEW @DNI_Ratcliffe has begun classified briefings on Clinton intel. @LindseyGrahamSC tells @CBSNews he was briefed + Graham would not comment on the reliability/credibility of the intel + whether it was “RUMINT” / rumor intelligence, but emphasized @Comey testified today”

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