Washed Up Former Actor, Michael Keaton Makes a Fool of Himself Telling Joe Biden ‘No More Debates. You Won. Walk Away’

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[Opinion] Hollywood actor Michael Keaton, Batman if you will, took to social media Wednesday morning to declare that Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden as the winner of last night’s debate, and to encourage him not to debate President Donald Trump again.  We are…

“No more ‘debates,’” Keaton wrote. “Joe, leave him hanging. You won. Walk away. That was NOT a debate.”

If Keaton is so certain that Biden won the debate, then how come he’s egging on the former vice president to not debate Trump again?   I mean, wouldn’t these Hollywood Trump haters love to see Biden beat him in the next debate?  Maybe it’s because Keaton knows that not only did Biden not “win” the debate last night, but that he has no chance in Hell of beating Trump in either of the next two debates coming up.

Not ending it there, Keaton joined the chorus of lying left-wing lunatics by questioning any claim of victory made by Trump on Election Day.

“Election will NOT be decided on Election Day AND THAT’S OK. Be prepared and prepare others. trump will try to claim victory on Election Day and try to make people question results after that. Vote early if you can,” the Beetlejuice star tweeted.

It’s always fun to hear leftists make claims like elections are in jeopardy because of conservative shenanigans when there are so many example of Democrats committing voter fraud.

The actor continued tweeting that the Obama administration was superior to Trump’s in the economy, which is a laugh riot.  Now we know he was on something.

“The Obama/Biden administrations created more jobs in their last 3 years than trump administration did in their first 3 Out of the last 11 presidents, trump’s economy ranks 7h,” Keaton wrote, adding minutes later, “Trump didn’t have a plan for his ‘debate’ because he doesn’t/CAN’T plan. He has NEVER had any plan about anything. How did no one see this when it’s been so obvious for so long?”

“What you saw in trump during the alleged “debate” is what you would see if you would look inside this administration -state of the country,” he concluded. “VOTE and vote early. People in Pennsylvania -PLEASE learn how to vote. Do not let anyone confuse you.”

Here’s what Keaton, and apparently all the other leftist Hollywood types who are flying high today thinking that Trump lost the debate.  The reality is that Trump won last night’s debate, because he accomplished exactly what he set out to do.  So, what do I mean?

In most presidential debates what you wanna do is bring out those on the fence.  You come to realize that 40 percent of the people will vote for you and 40 percent will vote for the other guy, and that means you go after that 20 percent of undecided people, the ones we normally refer to as the “independents.” But the Trump campaign realized a long time ago that this election is not a typical presidential election.  This time around is what’s known as a base election where you bring out your base to vote.  At this point the number of undecided people who are going to vote is so minuscule that neither side really needs them to win.  I’m not insulting the undecideds here, I’m simply stating a fact.  If some of the independents go with Trump, hey, the more the merrier, right?  But all Trump needs to do is get the people who have supported him for the last four years to come out and vote.  And that’s what he did last night?  How, you ask?

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