The Left’s Electoral Integrity Victories are dependent on Americans not Voting

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The left has been planning a takeover of the American Republic since the end of the Revolutionary war so there is nothing new under the sun here with discussing the attempt by counter groups to seize power over free people, especially with a country as large as the United States, with our vast natural resources and human capital.

People, like myself, have studied and spied up the left/political/propaganda groups since the days of George Washington, to deliver information to liberty seekers on how and where to push back for optimal success over much larger and better-organized groups of opponents. So, we have been here before. The left is going to attempt to seize power, that is what they do, there is no sense for alarm. However, there is always a need for organized resistance to their cultural revolution. We are the counter-culture revolution. Theirs is a culture of Global dominance.

In case you didn’t know, the Presidental Election is being targeted by the left. And whether or not they are actually successful depends upon whether Americans really carry out their civic duty, which they have not always embraced, and get to the voting booth and vote.

The left has preyed upon American’s lack of participation, and we are now in drastic trouble, however, if people show up to vote, what you are about to read will not be effective.

The left is using a collective of very wealthy Grassroots Marketing Platforms, activists and media partners to undermind the American electoral process and therefore the American Republic. Similar to the Chinese Community Party 100 talents, the left uses various “experts’ in different fields to bring about cultural changes, behind the backs of voters.

The left is always very open about what they are doing, and they use the same tactics whether they are targeting a school board, an entire state, one officer holder or the US Presidency, you can count on them to use the same tactics to reach their goals.

To understand the left, follow the Community Organizers. With the US Presidential election watch for the biggest group of Organizers.

Someone like me could write a book on this topic and drag you down through rabbit holes of leftist Community Organizing, and overwhelm you with information on all of the players and tactics, but let’s keep this one simple.

Here is how the left is planning to control the outcome of the election:


  1. They are International 2) They list their financiers, including George Soros 3) They help determine Messaging, Branding and PR for all things- Election-related.

Think of them as the Umbrella. According to their site, this what they say about themselves:

“The Electoral Integrity Project is an independent academic project based at Harvard University. The EIP project is directed by the founding Director, Professor Pippa Norris, and governed by an International Advisory Board.  The work has been generously funded by many foundations and partners, notably the Australian Research Council.


Since its inception in mid-2012, the Electoral Integrity Project has focused upon three issues:

  • When do elections meet international standards of electoral integrity?
  • What happens when elections fail to do so?
  • And what can be done to mitigate these problems?

EIP has sought to produce innovative and policy-relevant scientific research that achieves international standing in the social sciences and leads to a significant advancement of capabilities and knowledge about elections, democracy, and autocracy.


The project has used several strategies to achieve these objectives:

  • Developing and deepening concepts and theories concerning the causes and consequences of electoral integrity;
  • Gathering valid, reliable, and generalizable empirical evidence (through expert indicators, mass surveys, experimental designs, and case-studies) monitoring and comparing electoral integrity across and within nations; and
  • Building a worldwide research community engaging scholarly and practitioner networks drawn from diverse disciplines, theoretical approaches, global regions, international organizations, and methodological techniques to advance knowledge of electoral integrity.”


Electoral Integrity Project has financers who are well-known proponents of Globalism, such as Soros and his massive Grassroots Marketing Platform called “Open Society”. Soros is openly promoted on the website along with many other very wealthy donors and influencers who fund far-left lawmakers and campaigns for change.

One of the “Concepts and theories” of the Electoral Integrity Project that was created in order to change the American culture, was done by the “Transitional Integrity Project”. They are the group who produced the fantasy work on what would happen if President Donald J. Trump did not accept the outcome of the election, that was widely promoted and published by American Mainstream Media and then referred to by opponents of Trump’s as his shortcomings.

Fox News also promoted the group, Transitional Integrity Project and their fantasy report, giving it more legitimacy and reported, “A bipartisan group of anti-Trump politicos, journalists, ex-bureaucrats and professors are suggesting that President Trump will refuse to leave office even if he loses the election, Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York told “The Story” Friday.”


  1. They dwell in the fantasy and role-playing world the left likes, similar to the FEMA role-playing the left used in active shooter drills. 2) They are a part of a global movement of role-playing contributors who all share a similar understanding of the lifestyle of the role player.

One of their tactics is to “war game” out different situations, and then pass it off as news, running a sort of virtual world, where reporters will have an excuse to push propaganda to discredit people and candidates will have an excuse to blame things on people.

This is the origin of numerous news reports that assign malice to Trump before the election has happened, to cause chaos before the election, and to make demands for changes, by creating domestic uprisings before anything has happened at all.

And then Trump’s fantasy shortcomings were used as an excuse by other Grassroots Marketing Platforms to play their role, and seek legal remedies to Trump’s fantasy outcomes, as seen done by attorney Marc Elias and his group.

I covered Marc Ellias, here, to show how he picked up the mantle of “election reform”.

The left has a massive and well-organized machine to dominate voters, and if you didn’t know better you would think, there is nothing you can do to stop them.

Remember they are role playing.

That is why their news doesn’t make sense to us. Their coverage can look fake to us, they may appear as actors sometimes. Why their candidates can ignore us, even when we speaking to their faces, Why the media can ignore what Trump does and lie, boldface about what he is doing. That is why they have abandoned their citizenship in America because their jobs depend upon them doing so.

They litterally live in a different world than we do, and they are paid very well to betray us.

What the left never remember is how many Americans are not a part of their dramas and who care and are willing to do their civic duty. All we need to override the far left’s plan is for people to vote, an then, to support President Trump when he takes the left seriously. They mean to overthrow the American Republic. In a way this is all a play, and the world is a stage.

I recall talking to a FEMA employee at a Citizen Emergency Response Team training, after a high profile school shooting, who told me about the active shooter drills in various parts of the country. Because I was in the training with her, she didn’t realize that I was not actually “one of them” to hear her talk about the large airport active shooter drill, and all of the moving parts was bewildering to me, and very natural to her.

The media covered stories of the left’s massive “red team/ blue team” role-playing games and then reacted to their own drama by demanding changes in voter election laws, based upon their own drama. Take their word they intend to continue.

The next report on America, by the Transitional Integrity Project, and whether our elections are fair and to standards is due in December, could that possibly explain why the left wants chaos until then?

Will the media cover thir role playing drama as if it is real?

The left have been meaning to take over for decades. They never accepted the results of the American Revolution, they don’t accept Republican victories and they are never going to stop resisting President Donald J. Trump.

Now they are applying the power they have gathered over the last 5 decades, to the technology they dominate and control, funded by people who are deeply out of touch with the majority of humanity.

These tactics and games by the left gather up weak people because they prey on the deepest, seediest tendencies of humanity, the psychopathy, the drive to control and dominate other humans.

But they are not the last word. We are. Go vote.

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