Patriots at Walter Reed Stand Watch All Night, Trump Sends “Thank You” from Hospital Room, Flash Mob Tries to Share “Unity” Pizza with Media

Posted by on October 3, 2020 3:03 pm

A group of patriots stood in vigil through the night at Walter Reed in DC, where President Donald J. Trump was taken to be treated for COVID 19 Friday, and while there enjoyed food and candy brought to them by Trump’s staff and was delivered to them by people online, in a spirit of unity Trump supporters tried to share their food with the Mainstream Media, who mostly ignored them.

“There is a lot of love down here for the President,” one participant wrote online.

Supporters of Trump’s were on scene, from the time he was dropped off by Marine One in the late afternoon, through the night, waving flags and holding vigil for the President. Posters on social media watched, with gratitude, and the scene made the nighttime talk shows on FOX News, leading Trump to see and hear the crowd while watching Laura Ingraham, who talked about it with her co-host.

Jack Posobiec, an well known social media inluencer and reporter for OAN News, was there for a long time.

One of the highlights of the night was when the participants got a personal response from Trump, himself.

A poster known as “Richard Citizen Journalist”, posted up-close footage of Mark Meadows, the White House Chief of Staff, who delivered a thank you, in form of Presidential Chocolates, from Trump and while Meadows was there, he told Trump’s supporters that Trump was “doing well”.


Shortly after that, Trump Tweeted:

“That’s so awesome! He’s not feeling great, but he keeps on giving his love to the people that are supporting him,” Erin Barlough wrote in response to the video.

Participants offered “Unity Pizza”, that had been delivered to them from viewers online, to the Press who were gathered in the area, across the street and who had missed the story of a world leader reaching out to a small handful of supporters, with a personal “thank you” and special message meant to encourage them. The Trump supporters walked across the street to take Pizza to the Press, to share with them, and the media agents ignored them, one man finally taking a Pizza and walking off without as much as a “Thank you”:

The crowd was very enthusiastic for Trump’s recovery:

There was one woman who came to counter-protest, who appeared to have been drinking, eyewitnesses said. Numerous people said she yelled at the group and told them that she “didn’t care how Trump was feeling”, but left the area without too much interaction.

People watching sent more food to the gathering.

The story the media missed is that the President of the United States, who is suffering from an illness while running for his second term, took the time to uplift his supporters. Trump cared about a handful of unknown people. Americans standing vigil with the President, drawing a connection with Trump’s supporters online and that is an incredible story, but the large established media corporations took no notice.

There were thousands of posts online of support for Posobeic, and gratitdue for lifting the spirits of concerned citizens:

If it were not for a Citizen Journalist and Posobiec of OANN, no one would have known. Thanks to independent media, so the”Twitter world”could see.

Posobiec ended his coverage at 2 AM.

THIS.. this we are “all in this together”.

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