One America News Exposes California Congressman Adam Schiff’s Shady Ties to Ukraine [Opinion]

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This is the result when the mainstream media refuses to investigate their favored political party or the corrupt bureaucrats that protect them.

(One America NewsNetwork) California congressman Adam Schiff has made a name for himself by repeatedly lying about President Trump, including his involvement with Ukraine. However, the congressman has his own shady ties to Ukraine that the mainstream media won’t investigate. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains.

Remember how a man who shared the same name with President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, (there’s an estimated 18,000 Michael Cohens in the United States, became a focal point for claiming Donald Trump was colluding with Russia?

Well, Adam Schiff’s senior staffer, Thomas Eager traveled to Ukraine for a week.  Why?

Eager is a member of the Atlantic Council.   The Atlantic Council is a shadowy left wing think tank financed by some of the most sinister people in politics including George Soros

In fact, Eager’s trip was funded by the Atlantic Council.  The Atlantic Council receives significant funding from Burisma… the Ukrainian energy company at the center of the corruption scandal involving Joe and Hunter Biden.

OANN’s Chanel Rion traveled to Ukraine with President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani where she interviewed the prosecutor Joe Biden demanded be fired before signing off on a $1 Billion loan guarantee.

Schiff’s ties to Igor Pasternak, a Kazakhstan-born billionaire defense contractor raises the specter of a quid pro quo.  In 2013, Pasternak hosted a fundraiser in Washington D.C. for Schiff after which the powerful congressman helped Pasternak secure a $60 million contract from the Pentagon.  No quid pro quo there.

According to One America News, there’s indications that Adam Schiff is financially connected to at least two U.S. corporations with ties to the $7.4 billion corruption scandal involving Burisma.

Burisma’s financial records reveal Schiff was invested in both Blackrock and Franklin Templeton.  Both companies were named in a money laundering scheme by Ukrainian lawmakers

KYIV. Nov 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party.

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