Thousands of Christians Pray & Worship Outside Courthouse Where Roe v. Wade Was Filed

Posted by on October 4, 2020 12:03 am

Thousands of Christians gathered to pray and worship Saturday afternoon outside the federal courthouse in Dallas, Texas where the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade was filed.

The event was organized by California-based worship leader Sean Feucht, who has been criss-crossing the nation since July, leading Christians in prayer and worship in major cities in response to the global pandemic and nationwide riots.

Salvations, baptisms, prayer and worship, and even healings have regularly been reported at these gatherings called “Let Us Worship” events.

On Saturday afternoon, Feucht gathered thousands in Dallas, Texas to pray and worship together.

The peaceful worshippers began by singing and praying for nearly an hour-and-a-half. The entire 90 minutes was live streamed on Facebook.

Worshippers then marched across the Ronald Kirk Bridge (formerly known as the Continental Bridge), re-named in 2016 in honor of Dallas’ first African-American mayor. The bridge connects downtown Dallas with West Dallas.

In downtown Dallas, the event congregated at the entrance of the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse, where Roe v. Wade was filed in 1970.

After its filing, Roe v. Wade reached the Supreme Court where, in 1973, the Court of nine men ruled 7-2 that women have a right under the 14th Amendment to obtain abortion in all 50 states.

The ruling has been contentious in the 47 years since.

Roe v. Wade has been a major focus for evangelical Christian voters, who are largely pro-life in conviction. Since the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September, the 1973 court decision has become of central focus in the upcoming November presidential election.

Today’s crowd, with eyes closed and hands lifted toward heaven, sang the old hymn, “Nothing But the Blood”, outside the courthouse.

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