FAKE NEWS EXPOSED: Activist ‘Civil Rights Monitors’ Say Proud boys are Hate Group, Not the FBI- Biden and Wallace Pushed Propaganda at Debate

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The Proud Boys have been a focus of the left’s obsessive-compulsive disorders since 2016, when a group of men from all walks of life pushed back on the Instutitionazaion of Female Dominance in America, by rejecting progressive left policies and supporting then-candidate for President, Donald J. Trump.

This is a story about how the left with Community Organizers uses our own system against us, specifically in this case, how they use activsts to pose as “civil rights monitors” and then coyly pretend those people have law enforecement, legal or media credentials that allow them to operatate above the law.

Think about this:

Around 2016, the left, unaccustomed at the time of males not submitting to their demands that they emasculate themselves for the betterment of the Democrat Party, became unhinged at the idea of men being proud to be boys. They were not going to tolerate that behavior.

Recall at the time, before Trump was elected, the left was enjoying a long run of victories over males, especially young boys in American culture and education.

Last week at the first 2020 Presidential debate between Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden, Chris Wallace and Joe Biden were out of control demanding that Trump denounce his supporters, by claiming that some of them were racist, white supremacists and illegal militia members.

In a bizarre exchange where Trump is attempting to accommodate two pit bulls, Biden slipped the name “Proud Boys” into a rant about extremist groups.

For a long time, the left has insisted that the Proud Boys are officially designated as a “hate Group” and they claim the FBI has said they are a hate group.

Except that is not at all true. That is all a creation of the left media and their democrat allies.

Here is the exchange at the debate. WATCH:

Notice how Biden slipped that in “Proud Boys”? That is very odd considering a 2018 article from the Washington Post that reports that the Proud Boys are not an extremist group at all. Of course, that doesn’t stop activists, media and other Democrat partners from lying and spreading gossip about them, but there it is… they are not an extremist group:


From the 2018 article, “A high-ranking FBI agent told reporters that the Western-chauvinist group Proud Boys, which has made headlines for its part in violent clashes in Portland, Ore., and New York, is not considered an extremist group, contradicting a report from a Washington state sheriff’s office that circulated in November.

According to the Oregonian, Special Agent in Charge Renn Cannon said during a discussion with Portland-area journalists that the FBI had not intended to designate the group as extremist during a slide show with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. That office later released a report that said the FBI considers the group to have ties to white nationalism, an assertion to which the Proud Boys objected.

The FBI says it assesses threats and investigates individuals with the potential to cause violence but does not go after people for being members of particular groups or exercising their free-speech rights.

“Our focus is not on membership in particular groups but on individuals who commit violence and criminal activity that constitutes a federal crime or poses a threat to national security,” a statement distributed by spokeswoman Kelsey Pietranton in November said. “When it comes to domestic terrorism, our investigations focus solely on criminal activity of individuals — regardless of group membership — which appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce the civilian population or influence the policy of the government by intimidation or coercion. The FBI does not and will not police ideology.”

The Proud Boys are one of many predominantly male right-wing groups to come to the fore since President Trump’s election. The Proud Boys describe themselves as a “Western chauvinist” fraternal group that believes in ending welfare, closing the borders and adhering to traditional gender roles.”

Is anyone a subscriber to the Economist? Why are they repeating a lie? There is no FBI designation about the Proud Boys. Is the source for the economist using who “reported” they are an “extremist groups”, like activists online?

Reuters is honest that it is NOT the FBI who has designated them anything it is activists that have done that. Activists who call themselves monitors, they reported, ” but identified as a hate group by civil rights monitors.”

From the article: “Democrats and other critics of Trump have accused him of sympathizing with white supremacists groups. At Tuesday night’s election debate with Democratic challenger Joe Biden, the Republican replied, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” after being asked by the moderator whether he was willing to denounce white supremacist groups. Two days later Trump walked back here the comment and condemned all white supremacists including the “Proud Boys,” a self-described club of “Western chauvinists” but identified as a hate group by civil rights monitors.”

But notice that also gives leftists the opportunity to claim they are reporting what has been reported… is this woman, “Carol” a Civil Rights Monitor? What does it take to be a Civil Rights Monitor? Can anyone be a “monitor” or “observer”, perhaps that is what the Proud Boys are doing? They are monitoring the Civil Rights of Male Americans and observing if their rights are being respected.

See how the left works?

Just put the term in a simple Twitter search, do you get it, this is how they get paid:

They are also “Poll Monitors”



The ACLU is behind the idea that came up with legal observers and Civil Rights monitors. They use their platforms to invent these roles and they give them special legal status, when in fact the people are just activists. Some of them well-paid activists, but not legal officeholders.

And in their imaginary world, they have some legal representation, Democrats who want to change the Judicial System, who are also invested in changing our Republic, but that still does not mean that the FBI designated the Proud Boys anything. These are the issues that are on the ballot in November. This is how the left beat us, when we are not brave enough to be proud of America.

I could go down a rabbit hole on this one.. let’s just say that the left is following a playbook that was started with Eric Holder, and someday I will tell you more about that. Just bookmark this page. Studying the left will not show you a conspiracy… it will show you the tactics they use, and then you can expect them and be prepared:

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