Two-Tiered System: Andrew McCabe is Special and Doesn’t want to Answer any Questions, Hearing Postponed

Posted by on October 5, 2020 6:03 pm

Former Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Andrew McCabe is refusing to address the American public and give his testimony about his actions against President Donald J. Trump and the Trump administration because he is afraid that being seen online will give him COVID 19.

Devin Nunes was on Fox News, on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday and talked about why McCabe is refusing to talk to a Senate Judicial Committee hearing on Crossfire Hurricane and said (9:00) , “McCabe is unwilling to testify and I am not aware of how COVID transmits over the internet, these are dirty cops at the FBI, they can get COVID over the internet now. It is a shame that these guys are now not going to testify for the Senate. These guys are such good agents that they know more than Medical Doctors know, because they say you can get COVID over the internet. “


Johnathon Turley wrote about McCabes failure to show for the Senate hearing,” Former FBI Deputy Director (and CNN contributor) Andrew McCabe has long said that he was willing to answer questions under oath about his controversial actions in the Russian investigation. He was scheduled to do so on Tuesday, but he now has refused — citing the infection of three senators with Covid-19.  However, McCabe also refuses to testify remotely as did both former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.  He simply says that “fairness” dictates that he not testify at all. The basis for his refusal to appear remotely is utterly and almost comically absurd.”

Fox News Contributor Laura Logan posted on Twitter her reacatio:

John Solomon of Just the News reported, “McCabe’s lawyer sent a letter Saturday with his decision, saying testifying in person would be dangerous and testifying remotely would be unfair given the complexity of issues involved in the Russia probe codenamed Crossfire Hurricane that targeted President Trump and his advisers.”

McCabe was expected to be the star witness at the hearing, which is examining why the FBI submitted four inaccurate FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign in the Russia probe, doctored evidence, failed to inform the court as required of exculpatory evidence and continued to pursue former Trump adviser Mike Flynn when line agents recommended the case be closed for lack of evidence.

Notably, it is also McCabe who is at the center of a controversy over whether a group of Trump supporters is an extremist group:

There appears to be ample evidence that McCabe was a rouge far-left radical activist, in the position of too much authority and power while in the FBI, and that he caused great damage to the civil liberties of Americans, and apparently, because he is special he can choose to not talk about about what his motivations were, and what his role is in the shocking historical scandals of the Barack H. Obama Presidential administration. It appears as if McCabe was a very important part of weaponizing intelligence agencies against the American people, and against the President of the United States, but we may never really know because apparently, because of McCabe’s specialness, he doesn’t have to talk about it.

And that is all.

The Epoch Times reported, “The Senate Judiciary Committee is postponing a hearing with Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director after several senators tested positive or were possibly exposed to COVID-19.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) made the announcement on Monday that the hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, was postponed. It’s not clear when the hearing will be rescheduled.”

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