Breaking Video: Michelle Obama Goes Low Claiming Trump is “Racist” for Calling Riots Violent

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[Opinion] Michelle Obama says don’t believe your eyes.

Ms. Obama is not content in having people consider she hates this country. She feels it is necessary to open her mouth and prove it. But, it really doesn’t matter. People with good common sense already knew what she was. And Democratic voters don’t care. But I shall report on it anyway.

The simple truth is that many BLM protests have turned into riots. In fact, enough have done so that it is being estimated that as much as $2,000,000,000 in damage has occur from BLM connected ‘protests.’

We have seen video after video of the death and destruction as committed by BLM. They assault, loot and burn.   Michelle doesn’t consider that violence?  Perhaps we can use some pictures and themn you decide of they are violent.


Those are just a couple of pictures but i assure you there are many more just like it. But Michelle Obama would have you believe that all the BLM does is peaceful. Are you convinced she is right? The sheep will follow her commands but fortunately I am no sheep.

From 100% Fed Up

Michelle Obama stuck her head up today to give her opinion on the BLM riots. She must not know that the American people have seen video after video of death, destruction, and extreme violence from BLM agitators.

For the past several months, the BLM mobs have destroyed cities by burning, smashing, and looting. She calls the movement overwhelmingly peaceful and then turns around and calls President Trump a racist for telling the truth? This comes from a woman who called a white shopper at Target a racist because she asked Michelle to get something from a high shelf.

Victimhood is what Michelle Obama knows and the real sin is that she uses it to get ahead politically. This race hustler needs to crawl back under a rock.

Michelle Obama on BLM riots:

Trump is “pinning [violence] on what’s been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity; it’s true, research backs it up; only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all … What the president is doing is … racist.”

BLM rioting is violence.

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