Gossip Columnist Shows why DC needs to stay out of Toxic Hollywood Culture, Slams Lady GaGa

Posted by on October 6, 2020 9:03 pm

Democrat Candidate for President, Joe Biden, has an advisor named “Lady Gaga” who is in the news this week for bringing a revengeful, hot-tempered, drug-addicted diva, who alternatively is being promoted by Biden as a great American who has done tremendous things for the “American people”.

Biden and Gaga made a PSA about sexual harassment, which Gaga says she is a victim of, hinting that the video could be one of the things Biden is referring to when talking about Gaga’s service to America.

And is quite curious when viewing her highly sexual videos, where she exploits herself because most survivors of sexual abuse do not usually become sex objects, and if they do use them for the attention they get for being sex objects is not really great service to America :

Nevertheless, Gaga is a highly valued advisor to Biden.

She graces a list of other powerful celebrities who Democrats use to push their political messaging to the fans, Interesting ad who are used when then being called upon to get revenge on President Donald J. Trump, on behalf of the Democrats:

Hollywood is very confident in the Goppis and Revenge trades. OH! The backstabbing… and this is a political advisor to Joe Biden, remember. Hollywood, in fact, is driven by gossip and revenge, they are very comfortable in using the media for their personal vendettas or to harm their competition, as Perez Hilton writes in his new book.

Yahoo News reported on the story, “Perez Hilton has alleged that Lady Gaga “used him as a tool” to write “terrible” things about her pop star rivals, including Christina Aguilera.

The notorious blogger, whose self-named site was the lynchpin of the celebrity gossip industry throughout the 2000s, has claimed that his one-time friendship with the star led to “things I’m most ashamed of”.

In Hilton’s new memoir, TMI: My Life in Scandal, he claims that he “deliberately hurt” Aguilera after he and Gaga speculated that she had “copied [Gaga’s] sound and visuals” for one of her albums.

“I even went as far as to deliberately hurt Christina Aguilera just a few months after she had been kind enough to perform at my birthday party,” Hilton writes. “Why? Because Gaga and I thought Christina was copying her with the sound of her new album, Bionic, and the visuals during that era.”

Hilton continues: “I started giving Christina all kinds of terrible nicknames on my website. Looking back now, it’s one of the things I’m most ashamed of, and I can also see that Gaga was using me as a tool – not only against Christina but against her other rivals too.”

Toxic Hollywood celebrities have been a large part of the reason politicians have strayed away from the American public needs.


So- Gossipy.. many people love gossip.

And apparently here bizzare music career is very influencial to Biden:

And she was there to witness his act at the Debates… but how does this serve American’s needs?

It might be because she is bi-sexual? Or because she has a large fan base, with 82 Million followers on Twitter, a new makeup company and music industry awards and Joe needs votes.

Is Hollywood culture with all of it’s conceit, dishonesty and drama really be the new Washington DC? Can we get away from Washington DC being the “Hollywood” for ugly people?

Politicians need to get back to work for the Amerian people and stop turning the civil service, into a chance to get into the limelight.

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