Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post Shakes off her Conservative Cred to Freak out about COVID

Posted by on October 6, 2020 12:03 am

President Donald J. Trump is leaving Walter Reed hospital Monday evening, and upon hearing the news, “Conservative” blogger for the Washington Post freaked out and started anger-posting her true agenda; to discredit the president of the United States of America.

Dylan Beyers of Politico reported in 2013, about Rubin’s Conservative cred, “Patrick Pexton, who served as The Washington Post’s ombudsman until March of this year, has written an open letter to incoming Post owner Jeff Bezos in which he calls on him to make editorial page editor Fred Hiatt fire Jennifer Rubin, the paper’s conservative columnist.

“Have Fred Hiatt, your editorial page editor — who I like, admire, and respect — fire opinion blogger Jennifer Rubin. Not because she’s conservative, but because she’s just plain bad,” Pexton writes in the letter, which was published by Washington City Paper.”

Since 2013 she might have been made to heel, currently, Rubin is very upset about President Donald J. Trump leaving the hospital on Monday as if she is a loyal Democrat.

Here are some of Rubin’s posts Monday while watching the press conference by Trump’s doctors:

“A 74 yr old obsese man with covid – who might have lung damage – and a pattern of disregarding medical advice is returned to an environment in which he may infect others. What planet does Conley inhabit? Where is the rest of Walter Reed? The VP? They are remarkable cowards,”

“anyone who gets sick after Trump returns to WH should sue the pants off Dr. Conley”

“Congress might want to defund Walter Reed. It is a public health hazard.”

“WH should be evacuated if he goes back.”

“Oh, Walter Reed MD’s, is your malpractice insurance paid up?”

And she went on a Twitter tirade and reposted the following tweets in a push for solidarity with the Democrats:

One of Rubin’s readers reacted to Rubins freak out and posted, “She was oh-so-wrong about Mitt Romney, week after week writing embarrassing flattery about his 2012 campaign” “When he lost, the next day she savaged him and his campaign with treachery, saying he was the worst candidate with the worst staff, ever.” Ah so that’s when it began.”

The news of Rubin’s tweet storm went viral with numerus people comments on the blast of comments.

A former reader of Rubin’s reacted and said, “She has lost not only her mind but any objectivity more than four years ago. She’s a propagandist and should not be given the platform that she has.”

From the 2013 Politico article:

She [Rubin] doesn’t travel within a hundred miles of Post standards,” Pexton argues. “She parrots and peddles every silly right-wing theory to come down the pike in transparent attempts to get Web hits. Her analysis of the conservative movement, which is a worthwhile and important beat that the Post should treat more seriously on its national pages, is shallow and predictable. Her columns, at best, are political pornography; they get a quick but sure rise out of the right, but you feel bad afterward.

That was just 7 years ago. Now Rubin is fighting to protect the “swamp creatures”, the career politicans of DC.

A supporter of Trump’s reacted to Rubin and said, “The continued employment of Rubin is exhibit 1.a in the case against the media for anti-conservative bias. The @washingtonpost has as their lone conservative blogger someone incapable of explaining why Trump has a >90% approval rating with Republicans.”

Trump has exposed the Media-Democrat axis better than anyone else ever could have dreamed of doing. The Media machine simply can not tolerate him at all.

Even when he is just leaving the hospital.

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