Jim Acosta, Mainstream Media sow fear, Division, Hatred, Have ‘Dropped their Mask’ and Shown Their Bias for Good

Posted by on October 6, 2020 3:03 pm

The Mainstream Media, (MSM) has shown the American people what a powerful part of the “The Swamp” they really are, leaving no doubt that the current batch of reporters and journalists can not possibly communicate news and facts to the American people, with their very own actions since President Donald J. Trump was hospitalized with COVID 19, and then released from the Hospital a few short days later.

Consider this post. If Jim Acosta were not a far-left radical activist and Community Organizer why would he react like this, with such obvious hatred? Then remember before Trump, people trusted Acosta to feed them information about candidates, government and current events.

Who is left to partake in this sort of garbage now? Other media workers.

Starting with Chirs Wallace of Fox News, last week, the MSM has been openly hostile and combative with Trump, fighting, discrediting him and his medical scientists and openly lying to the public in a massive collective temper tantrum, which can only lead media watchers to wonder if Trump is really trailing his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, as much as they tell us that is happening.

What happens if Biden wins? Will they stop filling our airwaves with their hostility?

Why are the media, like John Roberts on Fox News, so unable to compose themselves this month? Why are they so personally invested in beating Trump?

One thing is crystal clear, the American MSM is not at all concerned about the American people. These temper tantrums are about their personal loss of comfort and power.

Other News card readers on TV, such as Paula Reid who often is belligerent, disrespectful, and furious at press conferences – which is a service to the American people, and privilege for people to attend, is here being selfish, self-centered, and combative.

Scientists say masks and social distance work, so what does she want for people to do here?

If these people are so soft and fragile, perhaps we could have their press passes so we can deliver information to the American public? They could be safe in their homes, and away from the public.

If Technology giants are going to censor Independent Journalists, then we may need to have heavy regulation over the people who are elevated and promoted as “Journalists and Media”, because the country can not survive with this batch of people being given exclusive access to resources and the administration, to only weaponize their positions and propagandize information.

In your second term, President Trump, please consider limiting their access to you, and help us build an new Independent Media. We will take Paula Reid’s place at the People’s House.

Consider this, that Andrea Mitchell has nothing better to do or investigate? With all of the resources and access she has, she can not figure out how to serve America better then this:

These are a few example of the stories out there, that show the leftist Mainstream Media in outright political meltdown:

Yes, the President has a Respiratory illness. He is recovering from an illness, is over 70 years old and walked up a set of stairs. His breathing is somewhat labored, and MSNBC is sowing fear and pushing propaganda about it.

It is questionable whether MSNBC understands that the American public exist at all, with this type of Tabloid attack on our collective interest in the country.

As much as the right diskiled former president Barack Obama, no one ever treated him this way. No one in the News Media openly attacked him when he was sick. This behavor is a reflection of the personal investment the people who make up the mainstream media have in beating America.

Today’s Mainstream Media does not understand what is at stake for the American public, nor do they care. President Trump will overcome a respiratory illness, but mental illness and open hatred for the country is much harder to overcome. They all need to take a “gap year” and let us take their place and get some work done.

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