MORE THAN AN IDEA: Antifa “Ambassador” drops a MOAB on the Portland City Council in 2017, was just arrested for Felony Assault, Goes Free

Posted by on October 6, 2020 6:03 am

Andy Ngo an Independent Journalist who has covered Antifa in Portland for at least 4 years posted videotape footage of a man named Jeffrey Singer, who was arrested Sunday for felony assault of a Police officer, and Ngo’s footage showed Singer clearly in 2017 threatening Democrat Ted Wheeler at a town council meeting.

Recently Democrat Joe Biden told American viewers of the first Presidential debate with Donald J. Trump, that Antifa is “just an idea” when Trump said that violence was coming from left-wing groups that the Democrat lawmakers refuse to hold accountable.

But they are clearly organized, using tactic and working toward a goal.

In Ngo’s post is a video showing a bombastic, violent man, covered up and talking about violence toward the city of Portland. The man we know is Jeffrey Singer, is seen at a meeting of city officials, with a group of people behind him, cheering him on when he called Democrat Mayor Wheeler a “Tyrant”.

Singer said then, “I am so sick of coming here and using big words. I am done watching you look at me with that look. You are talking about Sanctuary what sanctuary?” Singer then exploded, screamed, and yelled at Ted Wheeler. He spoke for his “Comrades”, “This is a Chew Out,” SInger said. “There is people who are getting real done,” Singer said then, to a cheering crowd of followers.

Wheelter thanked them numerous times.


The singer wasn’t kidding in 2017. Sunday night Singer was arrested, according to Ngo,”Singer s an active militant #antifa. He was arrested at the violent protest & charged w/felony assault of an officer, felony criminal mischief, escape & more. He was quickly released without bail.”

The uprising started Sunday in the day, at an event for Conservatives where Antifa members attempted to steal a flag from a Black woman, a supporter of President Donald J. Trump’s, and dragged her to the ground by her hair.

A Democrat Party Official pulled a knife on someone at the same event:

Ngo reported that it was the same crowd who had led and angry mob to a stabbing earlier in the Summer:

Also, Ngo reported that on Sunday morning before the event, a man was arrested with an arsanal of weapons.

It appears as if Singer was indeed part of an insurection against Wheeler, who is facing re-election in November, and is an unpopular candidate according to a new poll.

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