Tampering with Ballots Charges Filed Against Trans Elections Judge ‘Erika’ Bickford in Battleground State, Pennsylvania

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[Opinion]  Those of you who are not writers, publishers or Facebook Page owners, may not be aware of just how bad the censorship has gotten on the site.  They have forced those of us who are conservative and make a living on the platform to self censor our idologies and concerns for the nation out of fear of being deplatformed.

In the last few years we have gone from being able to freely express our opinions and views on politics (pre Trump’s election victory in 2016) to now, being so terrified of being deplatformed that we can not even post about things such as Covid or the possibility that there will be some shenanigans taking place when it comes to voting in the election next month.

I have ‘bent the knee’ and stayed away from many topics that FB has suggested that small time publishers, like us, are not to post about on their platform.   Ironically, most, if not all, of these ‘forbidden topics’ are things that are damaging to the Democrats and Joe Biden.  However, there are some things that, no matter how hard I ty, I just can not help but tell you about them.

Take for instance this forbidden topic: tampering with votes.  Facebook wants us to pretend that not a single vote will be illegal, tampered with or in anyway flawed.  That just is not true.  Will voter fraud be rampant?  I have no idea.   However, I do have an obligation to tell you when I see a troubling story like this one in the Morning Call, entitled ‘DA files charges against Allentown elections judge who darkened dots on ballots in Pa. House race.’

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin on Monday announced charges against an elections judge in Allentown’s 3rd Ward who was accused of tampering with ballots during the Democratic primary race for state representative between Enid Santiago and Peter Schweyer.

Everett “Erika” Bickford was charged with two election code violations: insertion and alteration of entries in documents, and prying into ballots, both misdemeanors.

During an interview with detectives, Bickford said she did not alter any ballots or change the voter’s choices, but admitted darkening some bubbles they chose, Martin said in a news release. She estimated that she darkened voters’ bubbles about 30 times, Martin said. Bickford also said she “trimmed” ballots’ jagged edges so the machine would accept them.

Bickford was not charged with altering or changing votes to favor either Schweyer or Santiago, who were vying for the Democratic nomination for the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s 22nd District.

Detectives examined all of the ballots cast at the 3rd Ward polling place and found no evidence of erasure marks, whiteout, or any other indications of a double vote in any of the races listed on the ballot, Martin said. They also found no spoiled, or discarded, ballots.

Bickford, 69, said Monday afternoon that she will not resign as an elections judge and would plead not guilty because she acted with good intentions and did nothing immoral.’

The report says that there was no evidence that votes were changed.  However, this kind of behavior is disturbing and should be ground for dismissal, IMHO, seeing as election security is the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

If you are able, please enlist to be a poll worker and keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious behavior … from both Democrats and Republicans.  Voting is sacred, if we can not win fair and square, so be it.  We must continue to do battle in the arena of ideas.  I am confident that if we do, we WILL win, and save America.

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