Posted: October 7, 2020
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Ted Cruz Issues Dire Warning For The American Repupublic: Tech Censorship Is Today’s Greatest Threat to Free Speech & Democracy

[Opinion] Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from the great state of Texas, is one of the only people on Capitol Hill who understands just how dangerous the Tech Left is for our Republic.   Never before in the history of mankind has a small group of technocratic ‘elite’ been able to consolidate so much power in the hands of so few.

Sure, the robber Barrons of yesteryear posed threats to the economy, however, the ‘Speech Cartel’s’ ability to control society as a whole is unprecedented.

Being a publisher on Facebook and having seen our reach plummet by 80-98% depending on the day, since Trump was elected.   In my experience, depending on how close we are to an election and what is occurring in the news cycle, I can tell you first hand, I believe the SM companies are ‘putting their fingers on the scale.’  However, this time we are talking about the scales held by the blindfolded ‘Lady Justice.’

Breitbart reported on their interview with Senator Cruz:

‘“Big tech censorship is, I think, the single greatest threat to free speech and democracy in the country today,” Cruz said. “There are a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires who have amassed more power than ever seen before over information, over the public square, over discourse, and big tech is is brazen, [and] is shamelessly silencing and censoring conservatives.”

Cruz recalled warnings from Dr. Robert Epstein, a professor of psychology and researcher, of Google’s capability and intention to leverage its infrastructure to assist Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and Democrats, more broadly. He previously noted Google’s suppression of Breitbart News and other conservative news media across its search engine and digital properties as part of the company’s commitment to advancing left-wing ideology.

Cruz stated, “Dr. Robert Epstein, who’s a very respected psychologist, did an empirical analysis of Google in 2016. He concluded that manipulated and biased search results on Google shifted 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton. … Dr. Epstein is not a Republican. He is a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton and openly supported her, but he nonetheless was outraged that a giant Silicon Valley company was putting their finger on the scale, and actively manipulating the election outcome.”

Cruz said the Trump administration and Department of Justice must use “enforcement [and] prosecution actions” to preserve First Amendment protections against technology companies’ political censorship and related manipulations.

“We’ve got to mobilize and communicate, despite their power and lies and manipulations, and then we need the seriousness of purpose within the administration to bring enforcement actions and prosecution actions, which I have been urging the president [and] the attorney general of the administration to do for four years,” concluded Cruz.’

You can listen to the full interview on the Sound Cloud player embedded above.

Either we stop tech censorship or the nation we once knew will be gutted and we shall return to a sort of neofeudalism, where pencil necked techies rule over the entire globe, just as powerful family dynasties used to in the olden days.

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