Posted: October 7, 2020
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Tom Cotton Hangs Biden Out To Dry On Russia Collusion Hoax: ‘Safe to Say That Joe Biden Knew About It’ [Opinion]

[Opinion] Don’t look now but the entire Russian Collusion narrative that every Democrat talking head and so called ‘main stream media’ outlet had/has been trying to sell the American people appears to be going up in flames.

Fear of the unchecked power of the ‘fact checkers’ who have demonstrated time and time again that they are either incapable of, or have no desire in, keeping their personal opinions and desires out of their work, prohibits me from drawing any conclusions myself.

However,  I do think I can report on what a sitting United States Senator said without recieving a reach crushing ‘false news’ strike from the thought police.

Earlier today, in an interview with Fox News’ ‘Fox and Friends,’ Republican Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton stated that he believes it is safe to say that both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden we well aware of  the plot to deflect from HRC’s scandals using a Judo move which transferred the spotlight to Donald Trump.

Breitbart reported:

‘Cotton said since declassified documents show former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Barack Obama on the plan, it is “safe to say” Biden was aware of the plan himself.

“I think you have to assume that Joe Biden knew and was in on this from the very beginning,” Cotton stated.

“I understand that John Brennan is upset over being exposed, but his handwritten notes from the summer of 2016 really confirm what common sense has told us all along. The only candidate and the only campaign to use foreign disinformation in 2016 was Hillary Clinton.

She hired a foreign spy who had sources in Russia — probably Russian intelligence officers, themselves — to dig up dirt on Donald Trump and then to spread it around the American media.

Of course, the Kremlin would have gotten wind of that effort by Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to try to identify that information. And, of course, they were trying to use that as a way to inject their own disinformation into the American political debate.

The person and the campaign responsible for that is Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.”

The Senator went on to state that “Barack Obama knew about it as early as the summer of 2016. I think it’s safe to say that Joe Biden knew about it as well.”

I think it would be wise for those who seek to control the narrative to wait a few days to see what is declassified next in order to avoid making false assumptions based on the MSM’s reporting during the last 4 years.

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