Trump has 70% More Immigration Judges so Immigration cases can be Expedited

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“Judges appointed by President Donald Trump’s deputies are filling up the immigration courts, and they have reversed the anti-deportation trend caused by President Barack Obama’s judges, Bretibart news posted in September.

And now there is more. This is a Press Release, in full, by the Department of Justice.

Executive Office for Immigration Review Announces Investiture of 20 New Immigration Judges, Resulting in a 70 Percent Expansion of the Immigration Judge Corps Since 2017

Immigration Judge Corps at Highest Level in History

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) announced the investiture of 20 new immigration judges today, including three new assistant chief immigration judges.  The introduction of this class marks the most recent step in the ongoing development and expansion of the nationwide corps of professional adjudicators who resolve questions regarding the legal status of aliens in the United States and adjudicate claims of relief or protection from removal, such as asylum or withholding of removal.

“To provide for timely, efficient, and lawful resolution of immigration cases, the Department of Justice has prioritized the growth of EOIR’s corps of immigration judges and expansion of courtroom capacity for these officials to hear cases,” said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen.  “These have been longstanding challenges for the immigration system.”

Since Jan. 20, 2017, the department has increased EOIR’s immigration judge corps from 306 to 520 adjudicators – an increase of nearly 70 percent.  During that same period, the agency has opened 137 new courtrooms for immigration proceedings, an increase in courtroom capacity of more than 40 percent.  This expansion of critical space for immigration judges to operate and resolve requests for relief is the direct result of a strategic partnership between EOIR and the General Services Administration, which has fostered innovative approaches to acquiring and designing space for immigration proceedings.

“Since 2017, EOIR has responded to the calls of stakeholders by devoting expanded resources to the hiring of quality immigration judges and expanding opportunities for aliens to receive more timely resolution of their cases,” said EOIR Director James McHenry.  “I am proud of those efforts, and EOIR will continue to take steps to ensure every alien’s case is adjudicated in a timely manner consistent with due process.”

The names of each new judge along with his or her biographical description and assigned court location is attached in an EOIR notice available here.  Information about the operational status of immigration courts nationwide can be accessed here.


The other thing President Donald J Trump is doing according to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The U.S. Justice Department has suspended all diversity and inclusion training and events for its employees, according to a memo obtained by The Chronicle, which would immigration judges in San Francisco and elsewhere.”

A far left NAACP Civil Rights lawyer wrote, “Even immigration judges are precluded from diversity & anti-bias training under new Trump order. Aren’t these exactly the people who would benefit from this type of training in their decision-making?”


From Early in 2020, the Washington Times wrote, “The Supreme Court has been giving Trump recent wins. And in a close decision, they just handed him another one.

What was the big argument? Whether undocumented workers—who steal Americans’ Social Security numbers—can be charged with a crime.Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Not to the D.C. swamp. They had a law that cleverly protected identity thieves from prosecution.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court disagreed.

From The Epoch Times:

The Supreme Court on March 3 upheld the power of states to pursue illegal aliens for identity theft, ruling against three men who used someone else’s Social Security number to gain employment.

In the decision, the justice ruled 5-4 that Kansas can rely on false information used by illegal aliens in their W–4 and K–4 tax-withholding forms to prosecute them for identity theft even if they used the same false information on their I-9 work authorization forms.

There is a law that made it a crime for anyone to lie on an I-9 form. But the same law created a loophole that let border jumpers steal Americans’ identity.

If they put that same information on an I-9, it couldn’t be used to charge other crimes.

It’s confusing and bizarre—by design.

D.C. lawmakers have for years tried to find ways to protect non-citizens at the expense of Americans.

This law was clearly designed to protect people who stole identities to get work in the U.S.”

And now you know why Trump wants all of the judges spots that Obama left empty, filled. To protect Americans.

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