UN Feminists attack men with Institutional Female Domination to Protect Harris’ Poor Performance

Posted by on October 10, 2020 6:04 am

On Thursday a United Nation Feminist group posted an illogical and sexist post in the middle of a bunch of illogical and sexists tweets, but this one was especially offensive because it really made no sense at all, yet we can imagine that the group is pushing some poor feelings after their hero, far-left radical Kamala Harris lost a debate with Vice President Mike Pence recently.

Harris was unprepared and unlikable at the debate, her performance was embarrassing. She lied numerous times and she was completely lost, without any meaningful details, as she smirked, laughed at inappropriate times, and twisted in her chair like a child.

She made many faces to act as a victim, and that was disruptive. She also literally interruptive Pence and spoke over him numerous times.

There are numerous hashtags, articles and a whole little movement to idol worship Harris and her “I am speaking” line to help build her victimhood, but that doesn’t mean it is true, or that she was victimized. She wasn’t at all.

Pence was smart, well mannered, calm and thoughtful, and in command of the topics. Harris looked like a lazy and unprepared fool.

Harris interrupted everyone more than anyone else on the stage, and she had more time to speak than anyone else, and without considering the truth of the situation, that Harris was not even close to be as good as a man at debating that night, the UN Women’s group, in snarky and hostile post wants people to rally around their idea of what happened that night.

“Manterruption” is what they think caused poor, sweet innocent Harris to lose. Because even though Feminists say they demand generals equality of humans, they want special treatment for people who call themselves females.

Makes no sense. And this makes no sense at all:

With everything going on in the world, and all of the places where women could be working to help humanity, this group spends it’s time attempting to shame men, and doing it when everyone knows the women on that stage were not even close that night, to showing Pence’s character. Both women were very comfortable lying, talking over him, and interrupting him when he was talking.

Women in general do not like the Feminist movement for the reason that it is illogical and irrational most often, and this is the perfect time to highlight that. Yes, the UN are a part of a collective group of activists who have access to media and politicians, but that does not make it a welcoming movement. Feminism is an unlikable movement.

2019 Poll showed, “Feminism” fails to resonate with the majority of American women, according to a National Geographic/Ipsos poll. : Only 1/3 of women identified as Feminists”.

In general, women have had enough of the Institutional Female Domination. Women are concerned about families, faith, and employment and business opportunities for our family members.

A National Geographic/Ipsos survey of more than 1,000 American women found that only 29% of respondents identified as feminists, while another 69% did not. Just over 1% did not respond to the question.”

And besides all of that.. Harris interrupted constantly, with her many changes in the mood on the state. It was very distracting. So Womanteruption is a thing then too… Equality and that…

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