Democrats Resist Separation of Powers, Think the SCOTUS Exists to ram thru Democrat’s Policies- ACB Hearing

Posted by on October 12, 2020 3:04 pm

Democrats, who are accustomed to selling access to power, and they showed that Monday morning as they opened up the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett with a rant about the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare” that was shoved through in the last Presidential administration, to the American people after decades of the American people not wanting the US Government to takeover healthcare.


Republican Senator John Cornyn, pointed out that the Democrats were asking for a promise to not hurt their fantasy bill as a “Quid Pro Quo” for her nomination. ” Judges should not be a superactivist getting policies pushed through that the Democrats could not get supported by the people,” said.

Radical far-left Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein referred to the People’s Seat, as “Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat”, shamelessly showing her dominance over the American people without a hint of concern at that false statement.

Under then-Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California and a weak Republican Party who refused to represent the American people, the Democrats were able to ram their dream through to dominate the lives of Americans in one massive policy, which has never been successful or welcomed. The Act was passed in 2010 and in large part that is why voters elected President Donald J. Trump and continue to support him.

The Democrats are desperately trying to stop the loss of wealth transfer to their favorite corporations, acting as if their concerns for the Act has to do with “Tens of Millions of Americans with Preexisting Conditions,” as far left radical Sen. Dick Durbin said, railing on and on about his resistance of President Trump.

The Tea Party activists were raised up out of the reaction of the unwelcomed Obamacare policies that caused massive grief for people and President Donald J. Trump has been very successful running on a platform for President of dismantling the ACA, and yet the Democrats persist.

In large part, the number of personal benefits the Democrat in Washington DC have gotten off of the ACA guides their demands that Americans embrace this hated set of policies, which has destroyed the American health care system, and that is what we are seeing play out in DC Monday morning, in the confirmation hearing.

Senator Diane Feinstein, a far left radical from California opened with a rant about she expected the next Supreme Court Justice to protect the legacy of former President Barack Obama, and protect the Democrat’s work.

Senator Grassley, a Republican, talked about separation of powers, saying, “The American Revolution was fought over the separation of powers because people were tired of one person making all the decisions.”

“The role and the place of the judge is not to know what their politics are,” Sen. Grassley said at the hearing.

The Democrats are absolutely panic stricken over the loss of the unfavorable health care policy, causing them to be unscrupulous in their duties to represent the American people.

KFF Media reported, “In June 2020, the Trump administration issued a brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the ACA. The brief was filed in support of an ongoing challenge to the ACA by a group of Republican attorneys general in California v. Texas, a case that challenges the legality of the ACA in light of the zeroing out of the individual mandate penalty in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Acts. The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18 and the possibility of the Senate confirming a new Justice appointed by President Trump before the presidential election has brought heightened attention to the potential outcome of this case and the future of the ACA.”

Far left radical Democrat Sen Leahy of Vermont admitted that their opposition to Barrett was about Obamacare, and the reversal of other burdensome Democrat policies, proving that the Democrats see the Judicial branch as something to manipulate to defend the government policies that enrich them personally, even when the American people do not want them.

I believe the Notice of Hearing said “Confirmation of Judge Barrett” not “whether the United States Supreme Court should overturn the Affordable Care Act,” one person wrote in reaction to the Democrat’s childish behavior at this hearing.

Feinstein is an elderly woman and has been in Washington DC making laws for decades, yet she appears to have forgotten the role of the Supreme Court.

Her decades of misunderstanding the role of the US government could possible be why the United States is in the trouble we are in, Feinstein has obvious conflict of interest.

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