Shepard Smith Is Back With a New Show On CNBC, Gets Embarrassed When No One Watches It, Gets Terrible Ratings

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I’m sure you remember Shepard Smith.  He used to work at Fox News … before he went off the rails and could not help himself up try and slander Trump every chance he got.

Although he didn’t point to The Donald  directly in making the donation, it seemed clear that, Shep so hated President Trump that he donated $500,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists.  In what feels like an effort  trying to further the narrative Trump was somehow a threat to the freedom of the press.

The Hill reported at the time:

‘Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith announced that he will personally donate $500,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists in his first public remarks since resigning from his longtime news organization.

“Intimidation and vilification of the press is now a global phenomenon. We don’t have to look far for evidence of that,” Smith said at the group’s annual International Press Freedom Awards in New York, The New York Times reported. The nonprofit organization works to guard press freedoms around the world.

“Our belief a decade ago that the online revolution would liberate us now seems a bit premature, doesn’t it?” Smith said. “Autocrats have learned how to use those same online tools to shore up their power. They flood the world of information with garbage and lies, masquerading as news. There’s a phrase for that.”

Trump frequently criticized Smith, calling him Fox News’s “lowest-rated anchor.” Smith also called out the White House on air multiple times.

Smith was also sometime at odds with figures at Fox News, including its 8 p.m. host Tucker Carlson.’

Smith made news when he resigned from Fox News after having been with the network since its inception.  For those counting at home, that means Shep worked at Fox News for 23 years.  Apparently a populist president was more than he could endure.

Now Shepard has landed a new show on CNBC.  There is just one problems … no one seems to care.

The Hill reports:

Shepard Smith averages 322,000 viewers in first week on CNBC

NBC’s Shepard Smith averaged 322,000 total viewers in his first week of shows on the Comcast-owned business network, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The former Fox News anchor parted ways with the network in October 2019 after 23 years there. Smith signed with CNBC in July, where he serves as the network’s chief general news anchor and chief breaking general news anchor as well as executive editor of his own program, “Shepard Smith Reports.”

Smith’s Sept. 30 CNBC debut delivered 373,000 viewers nine days ago, with viewership tracking lower than the premiere newscast over the next four shows.

On Oct. 1, Smith registered 321,000 viewers, followed by 331,000 on Oct. 2, 266,000 on Oct. 5 and 321,000 on Wednesday.

Those are pathetic numbers.

Even Joy Reid is beating him.

You know things are bad when more people want to watch Joy Reid than they do you …

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