Video: Trump Supporters “Flag Bomb” Biden’s Route To OH Event In Awesome Videos

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If you were to turn on the TV or read a, so-called ‘NEWSpaper,’ one would think that Joe Biden had the support of 97% of Americans.  One would think that he was running against Adolf A. Hilter, Joseph Stalin and Mao combined into one super demon.

However, if you drive the streets, especially down here in Florida you will see a completely different picture of America and their ideas about President Trump.  Apparently, it is not just us ‘red necks’ down here in Florida that are on the Trump train …

[Opinion] Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden had a campaign event in Ohio on Monday.  The former vice president was greeted by tons of  supporters … supporters of his opponent, President Donald J. Trump.  In true Biden style, the Democratic candidate told the crowd that he was running for Senate.

“We have to come together that is why I am running, as a proud Democrat for the Senate,” Joe Biden said on Monday in Ohio.

Before the speech Biden was greeted by Trump supporters, and apparently very few, if any, Biden supporters.

Fox News Campaign reporter posted, “The scene outside the United Auto Workers Local 15 union hall in Toledo, OH as Joe Biden’s motorcade arrives.Biden will deliver remarks on the importance of his “Build Back Better” plan to revitalize the American auto industry.“

In the video is seen a number of cars driving quickly and a number of people lining the streets with Trump flags.

This comes days after Biden was greeted with empty streets, on the kick-off of his Bus Tour in Arizona, claiming that the reason there were no Biden supporters to greet him, was because it was a secret event and no one was made aware of the location.

Strangely,  the news of Biden’s appearance got out to Trump supporters … I guess we should file this under ‘things that make you go hmmm.’


Biden had tested negative for the COVID 19 virus according to the press pool.“Biden tested NEGATIVE for Covid-19 today ahead of his trip to Ohio, per pooler @ccadelago,” Ken Thomas from the Wall Street Journal posted, showing what is important news to the Wall Street Journal.

The event was also attended by Trump supporters as Twitter user Brain Fraser opined:

At the event Biden claimed that he was running for the Senate, when in fact he is running for the Presidency, adding to an incalculable number of gaffes and blunders from Joey B, leading to speculations about his health.


Paul Sperry reported that Biden is all of a sudden losing ground in Ohio and other battleground states and wrote,” BREAKING: RealClearPolitics meta-pollng shows Biden suddenly losing ground versus Trump in Ohio, Arizona, Texas and Georgia, among other key battleground states.”

Another view of Trump supporters was described as “huge” by a reporter:

The Trump campaign released the following statement about Biden’s Ohio visit:

“President Trump won Ohio convincingly in 2016 and will do so again in November, so we are thrilled to see Joe Biden wasting a valuable day on the campaign trail visiting a state he cannot win. President Trump has a clear record of building a strong Ohio economy before the global pandemic was unleashed by China, and he’s already doing it a second time. Joe Biden’s record on the economy is a disaster and includes voting for NAFTA and putting China’s interests ahead of America’s, with Ohio workers paying the price. Biden’s proposed $4 trillion tax increase and his embrace of the Green New Deal would decimate the Ohio economy and destroy 700,000 fracking jobs in the state. Ohio voters know that President Trump has accomplished more in 47 months than Joe Biden has in 47 years.”

– Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director

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