‘We Caught Them Cold’: Trump To Release ‘Breathtaking’ Russia Probe Documents

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It appears that President Trump is finally of the mind that, if he wants anything done, he must do it himself.  This is not specific to any one goal, but appears to be a common theme for our 45th President.

Trump is surrounded by DS hacks who are entrenched in the bureaucracy so deeply that removing them yes to be an impossible task.  Trump has wanted the truth about what happened to him at the hands of the IC revealed to the American people for years now.  Yet we still hear only crickets from the DOJ.

So what is Trump going to do?  He’s going to do it himself.

[Opinion] On Sunday, President Donald Trump teased the release of information tied to the Russian Collusion Hoax. He says it is breathtaking.

The president had been accused of working with Russia in 2016, but it has been exposed as a fraud. Recent releases have been nothing short of dynamite. For instance, accusations that Hillary and her campaign made up the collusion hoax for political gain.  Now, the ‘fact checkers’ will say ‘Hillary? no, no, no, that is ‘Russian disinformation,’ however the DNI says otherwise.  I think it will come out that HRC (or her team) was/were central to creating the false narrative, but nothing has been proven yet, perhaps this release will prove it.

Trump said:

“Documents are being released at a level now that nobody’s ever seen before. Things that nobody were going to get released are now being released.”

There have been a slew of documents released over the past few weeks. Many of them have to do with the Steele dossier.

President Trump did not allude to what documents he was talking about. He did say, however, that all documents pertaining to the investigation are declassified in order to release them.  CIA Chief Gina Haspel has been withholding documents, affording to reports.  I guess we know where her allegiance lies, and it is not to the American people.

Trump said to Maria Bartiromo:

“Other documents are going to be released…which are breathtaking.”

“Wait until you see what’s coming out. Breathtaking.”

Trump was asked if the information was about the FBI or Hillary Clinton. He replied that it covers everything. He says that people have a hard time believing what they are finding.

From The Daily Caller

We caught them cold. We have them cold,” Trump said.

On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified CIA documents which showed that the spy agency obtained intelligence in July 2016 that Hillary Clinton may have authorized a plan to link Trump to Russia’s hacking of Democrats in order to distract from the ongoing scandal involving her private use of an email server.

The details of the intelligence remain classified, making it difficult to know whether the intelligence about Clinton was accurate. Clinton’s campaign did hire the opposition research firm that hired Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the anti-Trump dossier.

Congressional Republicans have been calling on Trump and DNI Chief, John Ratcliffe to release the documents.Rep Devin Nunes has requested that the notes of the interrogation of Igor Danchenko, a main source for the dossier.

Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have requested that Haspel turn over evidence on Trump associates as well as Steele and Obama spy Stefan Halper. She has not done so and in fact, seems to be preventing their release.

Thus, Trump must take the release of these documents into his own hands.

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