Posted: October 13, 2020
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Biden’ List Of Potential Attorney Generals, W/ Histories Of Persecuting Political Adversaries Cuomo, Yates, Abrams, Bharara, Weissman Rumors State

Our worst fears are starting to come to fruition if this alleged short list is true.  The thing that most scares me about a potential Democrat controlled government is the likely political persecution of conservatives.  If you think what the DOJ and FBI did to Donald Trump, General Flynn and Roger Stone was something, wait until what the Democrats do when they ARE in power.

The left has constantly signaled that they want to persecute their political enemies.  Don’t believe me?  Listen to Mad Maxine Waters:

This is the kind of talk that leads a society down the path to the kind of horrors we saw in the mid 20th century in Europe.  I know you think that sounds like hyperbole but when you look at the 8 stages of genocide, I think it is fair to say that we are well past step 3 and into step 4.

8 Stages of Genocide: 1. Classification 2. Symbolization 3. Dehumanization (we are here) 4. Organization 5. Polarization 6. Preparation 7. Extermination 8. Denial

Step 4, or ‘organization,’ in my view, would be if the Democrats get all three branches of government via a White House win, a Senate win and then a packing of the Supreme Court.  Winning the House would be the icing on the cake.

With a packed Supreme Court that knows it is a rubber stamp, the legislature becomes irrelevant as Biden (or his compos mentis surrogates) could rule via Executive Order, knowing any challenge would be shot down by the political actors on the Supreme Court.

Thank about what Keith Olberman is trying to get the Democrats to do:

I know what you are thinking, ‘that could never happen here.’  Quite frankly, that idea, that ‘it could never happen here,’ is exactly why it could.

If Joe Biden gets one of these politically motivated Attorney Generals confirmed, we may not see death camps, but you can bet your ass that we will see political prosecutions and banana republic style show trials of anyone and everyone the Democrats can get their hands on who help get Trump elected.  Once they run out of those people, guess who would be next … yea, you and me, those people who supported Trump, just as Olberman foreshadows.

This list is just conjecture at this point, as Biden has refused to tell voters anything about who he plans to appoint or ever if he will pack the court.  He says we do not deserve to know.  If this is not the biggest red flag on Earth, I do not know what is.

Now we are hearing rumors concerning who is on Biden’s short list to be Attorney General, the lead prosecutor in the land.

Breitbart News published a little blurb about what is noteworthy concerning each potential AG:

Andrew Cuomo: The Governor of New York is currently carrying out a crackdown on religious gatherings in New York City, focusing on the Jewish community. He has also relentlessly pursued gun control while signing into law the most radical pro-abortion law in the United States. During the coronavirus pandemic, he forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients without even testing them, likely making the pandemic far worse than it otherwise might have been among New York’s elderly.

Sally Yates: The former Acting Attorney General was fired when she refused to implement President Donald Trump’s travel ban in 2017, arguing that it was unconstitutional — though it was later upheld in court. (She later admitted to the Senate she was not familiar with the relevant law.) She also played a role in the persecution (not “prosecution”) of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, attending an Oval Office meeting where the Logan Act was allegedly discussed as a way of continuing an investigation into Flynn after FBI agents had already determined he had done nothing wrong. Yates has persistently misrepresented the facts of that investigation — part of a pattern in which she substitutes her own political judgment for objective reality.

Stacey Abrams: Abrams is best known for refusing to accept the results of the 2018 election for governor in Georgia, blaming voter suppression. She is among the most polarizing, partisan figures in America, declaring earlier this year that people who go to Trump rallies “do not care about black lives.” As Attorney General, she would likely evoke the partisan, race-obsessed precedent of Eric Holder, who began his tenure in the Obama-Biden administration by pronouncing America a “nation of cowards” on race.

Preet Bharara: The former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York became a go-to anti-Trump legal pundit on cable news after Trump fired him in 2017, pushing for Trump to be prosecuted (or impeached) for obstruction of justice. The Wall Street Journal called Bharara’s office “rotten,” blaming him for “a pattern of troubling behavior and a problematic culture” that trampled the rights of defendants accused of insider trading, some of whom later had their convictions overturned on appeal.

Andrew Weissman: The partisan prosecutor who led Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team — after attending Hillary Clinton’s victory party on Election Night — Weissman has a history of abusing his power. He pursued Arthur Andersen in the Enron scandal — which had its conviction overturned after the company had largely been destroyed. He griped after Trump was acquitted by the Senate in his impeachment trial, and has a new book out criticizing Mueller for not being aggressive enough.

Andrew Weissman would be the worst case scenario, IMHO.  The man willingly tried to destroy the life of Roger Stone and have him die in prison for alleged process crimes.  He lacks any compassion, empathy or humanity.  I could not think of 5 more terrifying names to have the legal power of the United States rest in.  If this does not motivate you to vote, nothing will.

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