Posted: October 13, 2020
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DOCUMENT DUMP: CIA Whistleblower Parrot Makes Good on Promise-Story of Seal Team 6 and Biden’s Alleged Involvement

The following long set of Tweets is made by Nicholas Noe, who identifies himself on Twitter as, a “USAF Veteran 2011-2015 603rd Air and Space Operation Center ‘11-‘13 Combat Reports/AFRICOM #Benghaziwasmurder #Pain & Proud Supporter of President Trump”.

This is his Twitter account:

Noe is the advocate for Allan Harrow Parrot, a former CIA agent, turned CIA Whistleblower, who sought out Parrot, and recently made a video with Charles Woods, the father of TY Woods, who was killed at the Benghazi compound in Libya.

In the video Parrot made promises to release to Woods shocking documents, audio and video to prove that Joe Biden was involved in shocking crimes and betrayal, along with Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Leon Panetta and Bill Richardson involving the death of Osama Bin Laden and Seal Team 6.

In this series of tweets Tuesday, Noe “ScienceIsMyMuse” is apparently releasing the transcript of a promised set of documents and videos, by Parrot, exposing what he promised in a previous video, claiming to prove that the Obama/ Biden Administration’s involvement with the deaths of Seal Team 6 and with who we were led to believe was Osama Bin Laden.

DJHJ Media covered the original video in an article that was tweeted by President Donald Trump and Noe.

Parrot in the video at the link above, talked about former Governor Bill Richards. and said he had audio of their exchange in 2011.

Anna Khait is the podcaster who originally reported on the Video of Parrot, Noe and Woods, and confirms that Noe is posting transcripts of audio from Parrot that was promised.

Here are the tweets in full:

Remember, a story from USNEWS.COM , May 9 2013:

“The families of some of the 17 SEAL Team 6 commandos who were killed in an ambush in Afghanistan during a helicopter flight to help Army Rangers pinned down by Taliban gunmen accused the Obama administration of deliberately endangering their loved ones for political ends.

[PHOTOS: America’s Elite Navy SEALs]

During a press conference on Washington Thursday, family and advocates for the fallen troops called into question the rules of engagement that they say prohibited their sons from being able to return fire, and the White House’s decision to announce shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden that SEAL Team 6 was responsible for the raid.

“In releasing their identity, they put a target on their backs,” said Doug Hamburger, whose son, Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Hamburger, served among the helicopter’s crew.”

It is that target we would like to be investigated.

This story is still developing…

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